Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And My Weekend Went A Lil Sumthin' Like This..., L.J. to D.C.?, Caught by Q, and Defense?

So, how are all my lovelies? Sorry I missed the weekend lowdown yesterday, I was slightly hungover but not, but was? It was really weird. We have lots to discuss, so no questions until after I'm done. Shhhhh...
Anyways, on Thursday my BF and I decided to drive up to Philly to catch my dear friend Ky'Leigh's art showing. It was to be a quick up and down trip. We arrived at around 8:30 to the gallery.

The artwork was amazing. So proud of you Ky! After the showing we walked over to...

(here's my shadow at night time in Philly, doesn't it seem thinner than my shadow in the daytime here in D.C.?)

...this joint called Continental to grab a bite to eat. We had steak with wasabi mashed potatoes. it was yummy. We left the restaurant t around 12:30. I knew i was gonna be a zombie at work the next day, and I was. I swear I was on some 'Weekend at Bernie's" type shit. I was leaning up against stuff, trying to prop my limp body up. It was a mess. Finally at around 5:20, I couldn't take it anymore. I fleeced. I went home, took a shower and prepared myself for the Rihanna interview (more on that later).
On Saturday I had an early morning meeting at work. I wasn't pleased. The day went by pretty quickly. Afterwork I met Joey, Tamika, Veronica, Horace, and Dionne at my favorite boutique in D.C. called Redeem. They were having a 3rd Anniversary party. The boutique was filled with hipsters and...
...hipsters to be. I think she was wasted. I'm not mad at her, I mean didn't Drew Barrymore start partying in the clubs at the age of 7 or 8?
After a quick cange into "All Black Everything", I met the crew back on 14th st. We went to Policy, it was super packed! I couldn't even move, besides there were too many white guys there in pleated khakis. I was about to lose it! We decided to head over to Rock and Roll Hotel where Hadi, Will, Norman, Borzou, and my Facebook friend Ron from Chicago came to meet us. The crowd was pretty cool, and it was something different. Somehow though we still ended up here...
It's just like home. Why was Jerell from 'Project Runway' there? Shut up, I have witnesses. He tapped me on my shoulder and told me that he "loved my style". He said that he was in town doing a show with some of the other people from 'Project Runway". It's so over that that disgusting seedy drag/strip bar is a magnet for fashion and shoe designers? I still can't believe I took Christian Louboutin there. It's so gross, but over! I don't touch anything there, because i feel like there is pre cum on EVERYTHING! I'm bringing a black light next time to test my theory.
Soooo, Sunday I had to work after all that. Again, I was dead on my feet. I couldn't stop though because Sunday night was Nikki Day DC. The crew met at Lauriol Plaza for good fun, fun, and swirls. Nikki and I had a stare off. She was pretty good competition until I ripped part of the foliage we were sitting by off and ate it. She lost it. She also lost the...never mind. I'm too classy to brag about my win. lol...
Get into our photo shoot. Somehow in less than 2 hours we racked up 70 pictures.

We ALL need to have our asses in prayer meeting tonight, because there is something super wrong with all of us.
After dinner, we ended up here...

...with an ass like that, it's gotta be Smucker's!

Happy Tuesday!


L.J. to D.C.

So it seems that Larry "Fine ass cute dimpled fag calling womanizer/woman beater" Johnson has been dropped from the Chiefs. There is talk of him coming to D.C. I swear if he does, I'll be at every game, and I don't even fuck with football like that. The word is that he abuses his women, but I think I'd let him hit me, not hard though? You know, like a bitch slap? That shouldn't leave too bad of a bruise?
He may resuscitate the "Deadskins", who knows? Hopefully by the time Johnson is picked up by D.C. the NFL would have said that all players must play with out jerseys. Shut up, you can't censor my fantasies!
You know all of the D.C. chicken heads are already brushing up on their cock sucking skills just waiting for him to arrive. If he does in fact come to town, he'll get more head than Beyonce's lace front collection! Stand in line!


Caught by Q

Oh my sweet Jesus! I was on the train the other night and caught these nasty breeders engaged in some pretty racy P.D.A. I swear they made out for at least 5 minutes until I started to make gagging noises and then they stopped. They look so gross, like they're into fisting or something. If they were cute, I would have let them walk, but they were pastey and nasty. I threw up in my mouth a little, I'm not kidding!

I was walking home the other night and saw this. Where is the baby? Why did they have to leave in such a hurry? It was like 11 at night. I have questions that need answers.

I saw this couple in the cafe next door to my house on Sunday. I was there for about 10 minutes waiting for my order, and the whole time I was there, they couldn't see saying a word to each other. Can you get into how they aren't even looking in the same direction. I guess when you're together for so long you run out of shit to say. hmmm....

Ummm, ok? I don't really know what this was. I was in CVS and snapped a couple of shots of it. It appeared to be a man, but it had on leather thigh high boots (very in for this season if I may add). Also, whatever it was appeared to be 19 months pregnant. I was scared, so I paid for my belongings and left. I don't want any...


I'm sure by now you guys have seen the clip of the college cunt playing soccer who get a little too aggressive. She had the nerve to punch a player in the back, and then grabbed another player by her ponytail and threw her to the ground. She grabbed the right one, because if that were a black girl it would have been on. First of all, the ponytail would have been weave and it would have come off. Secondly, you don't touch a Black woman's hair. That ponytail if it were a good grade of hair could cost upwards of at least $1000! That is grounds for an ass woopin'!
That bitch doesn't need to play soccer, she needs to join the damn Ultimate Fighting League. Her burly testosterone filled ass needs to drink an estrogen shake and relax. Ladies don't act like that. Shame on her. They did win though, so I guess that's all that matters. I'm kidding. Maybe.

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