Monday, May 10, 2010

And My Weekend Went A Lil' Somethin' Like This..., Crush of the Week: Common, Cheaters, R.I.P., Song du jour, and Gay Rappers?

Morning fuckers! I'm hoping this blog posting finds everyone in high spirits. I woke up early today ready and rearing to go. I have a list as long as Giselle B√ľndchen's legs of shit to do today. I wonder how far I'll actually get. I crossed a couple of things off my list last night. The first being, clean room (check)! My room looked like my closet had diarrhea all over my floor. There was shit everywhere. Random sunglasses not in cases, belts, and shoes are now all back in their respectable homes. So in order for me to cross blogging off my list, let's get to it.

Tuesday was my boy Brandon Hill's birthday. The gang decided to meet at Kushi Izakaya for dinner. After dinner we took the party to FLY.

There's Dionne boo lovin' my boo in the club. Such a cute picture.

...and that's us shootin' it up. Jameson was the bullet of choice. Brandon is the tallest one in the pic. Everyone wave and say, "Happy Birthday Brandon!" I said say, "Happy Birthday Brandon!" DO IT NOW!

On Saturday I headed over to The Park on 14th. I was asked to judge the "Little Black Dress" contest they were having there.

It was a sea of girls in slutty black dresses. Most of them were man made material and highly flammable, but there were a couple good ones.
Here is the judges table before we could actually move around. As the night progressed, it was completely packed! Great times though. At around 1 am, the winner was announced, and she won $1,000!

Shout out to Candace at The Park, Dirty Hands for spinning some sick music, and James-Packard Gomez (fellow judge) for making my night more exciting.

I did have a couple of pretty funny videos from that night that I would have put here, but Blogger is trying to kill me today! The fucking things won't upload! So in lieu of the videos, I'm posting this picture...(straight guys close your eyes)

It has absolutely nothing to do with shit, but It sho does look good. I'm sure your not opposed to staring at this....


Crush of the Week: Common

Or this...

Common's quincyjones66.blogspot's Crush of the Week! He's so dreamy. Check him out on May 14th in "Just Wright", a romantic comedy starring him and carpet muncher Queen Latifah. That Birkenstock wearing bull dyke doesn't even want him! What a waste of a good penis on that movie set!

From what I've seen in the trailers, Common looks real good. He's lost quite a bit of weight, and has picked up just that much in muscle. Ladies, as a courtesy to the patrons who come after you in the movie theatre, please bring a towel and place it in the seat while you're watching Common on the big screen. I'm sure it's gonna do some things to us down below!

So fuckin' dreamy! He's the kinda guy that makes you wanna invite your girlfriends over, do each others hair, eat ice cream, and call him repeatedly and hang up! He's to hot to actually talk to.

100. Common - I Used To Love H.E.R. by Mark Griffin


You now the fucking drill. It's Cheaters bitch! This week's clip is of a man who is cheating on his wife with her sister! Now tell me if that isn't some scandalous shit? Cheaters runs up on their asses just as he's about to lay that pipe on his own sister-in-law in the front seat of a parked car. Classy.

My favorite part is when the sister says, "Who the fuck is all deez people. You got da goddamn CIA out hurrr and shit! Bitch, who is all deez goddamn people!" I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that's she didn't major in English. I'm not sure, but I'm just saying?

Enjoy the clip...



A brief moment of silence for amazing actress Lena Horne...

Lena Horne was the first African American actress to land a long-term contract by a major Hollywood studio. Her countless films and albums are highly acclaimed, and she will definitely go down in history as one of the best.

So beautiful, elegant, and graceful!

June 30, 1917 – May 9, 2010

Song of the Day: "OMG" by Usher

Ok, I'll admit that I didn't like this song at first. Actually, I may have made a formal statement denouncing it period. I'm on board now, so that's all that matters. Sometimes you need to hear a song in the club to actually feel how it sounds. When I say "feel" how it sounds, I mean actually feel the 808's penetrate your soul. Sometimes simply hearing it on your iPod isn't enough, you need the whole experience.

Turn your speakers up at work, and get up on your desk if you want. No one is the boss of you. You can do it, go on...


Gay Rappers

I'm all about equal opportunity, but shit! I think it's just some things that gays shouldn't do. Topping (no homo) the list of things that gays shouldn't do is publicly play leap frog (It's just too cliche), and rap. I don't know why it's funny to me? I'm guessing because the images of what a rapper is in my head totally goes against what I'm seeing. It's like a total mind gang bang (again no homo). Check out the vid for yourself, and let me know what you guys think...

Happy Monday fuckers!

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