Monday, June 30, 2008

Oh My God..., and Oh Reggie!

Why didn't I go to Arizona State?  These mother-fuckers  are the ruler, and their bulges serve.  I get so much life!  Somebody get me a cocktail!  


Speaking of over bulges, my husband Reggie Bush was spotted out with that ova cunt Kim K.  They were celebrating Khloe Kardashian's B-day in Vegas.  Where do they make trade that look like that?  Please let my ass know!  I like football too Reggie... I can do everything that Kim does, or at least I'll try?  I saw that lil' video with her and Ray-J, and it didn't look like Ray-J was getting that much life from her ussypehays!  I would serve him boot!  

photo:  ybf