Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Raz Queen B...

I know as a gay man sometimes your inner teenage girl swims to the shore, but damn?  Did I honestly wait in a line to see Raz-B?  Granite the fact, it was many years ago as you can see from the ponytail and lack of couture, but shit...Raz-B?  Chris Stokes probably just had him so viciously right before this signing. You can tell his butt cheeks hurt by the way he's holding that pen.  Even though I'm ashamed of such a display, there is something quite innocent about this picture.  No cares in the world I seem to have.  Think back to a time in your lives when owning a home and 401K's were so far away from reality and worrying about passing your mid-terms and getting wasted were.  Oh, and you bitches don't ever want to come for my wave pattern.  Get into that...Happy Tuesday!  

Oh, and don't forget about the BET Awards tonight live from the Shrine Auditorium in L.A.  8pm.  I'm sure there will be lots to discuss tomorrow...


Mr. Fabulousity said...

As you may know, that night Raz B came to DC was the night I connected with he and his camp. I asked what he was gonna do after B2K and he said he wanted to act. I asked if he ever heard about Noah's Arc (I just assumed he was gay), he said yes. I asked whether he would be interested in doing the show, he said "Of course". I told him I could most likely make that happen. He must have thought I was bullshitting. I got his contact info, called my boi Patrik, creator & director of Noah's Arc at that moment and told him that Raz B was interested in doing the show. "Can he even act?" Patrik asked me. I don't know but he's kinda cute. A week later Raz flew out to LA and about a month after that Raz filmed his the first of his several episodes. After the fist meeting with Patrik, Raz B and his camp, a very large fruit basket arrived at my residence thanking me for actually coming though for him. A fucking fruit basket???

All and all Raz B is a sweet heart. I'll actually be hanging out with him when he comes in to the city at the end of July. Stay tune for my interview with him were nothing will be off limits. We going to get to the bottom of this Chris Stokes allegation.

Stay Fabulous

Howard C.
DCMF Magazine


theoriginalblowersdaugtr said...

your wave pattern is the bomb, q, we work for wave like that! (snaps fingers).

i love your blog. you are un.stopp.able.