Monday, June 09, 2008

Scratch and Sniff...Part Un

Add the stinch of seafood, stagnant water, obesity, and body odor into a large mixing bowl.  Bake at near 100 degree weather, and you get the most disgusting scent I think I've smell since Old Spice.  Yesterday, at the Wharf on the waterfront in Southwest, 100's of niggers were out in rare form.  They were walking around eating crab legs and watermelon as if it were fast food, blasting music from their newly stolen cars, and using child support money to purchase scallops. 

 I would love to dunk this lovely couple pictured in a vat of bleach.  They look like they smell like spoiled bologna, ear wax, curdled milk, a bag of sweaty jock straps, and a piece of toast with shit smeared on it.  Luckily, for you today I've partnered with the people over there at Apple to bring new scratch and sniff technology to your computer screen.  Try it!  Tell me what you think they smell like...  Happy Monday!

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