Thursday, June 19, 2008

So What Are You Wearing...?

Ok, so remember the married man from last weekend?  He's back!  He's been calling, and I haven't answered because, why should I?  I know what he wants, and it's not happening.  For some reason last night, I answered...  "Why haven't you been answering my calls", he says?  I gave him the "I've been busy with work" excuse.  Can I just also add that his voice could make a nun curse, so sexy.  Before I knew it, somewhere after hello the only thing I had on was my Kinoki detox foot pads and a smile.  I've never been into the whole phone sex thing, but it was hot.  I guess when there is hope of a relationship, you don't fully let your guards down. He might think I'm a freak, and guys don't marry the freaks, they only fuck them...Right?  I could give a good fuck about this man and his freaky married ass, and last night it showed.  I was saying shit that I thought I'd never hear come out of my mouth.  I'm not gonna be able to look my mother straight in the eyes for a good two...try 3 months.  Thank God and Verizon for free nights and weekends, because it lasted for  163 minutes and 3 seconds.  Maybe it's the allure of a married man, or I'm exploring a new part of my sexuality?  Who knows, but 30 isn't looking so bad anymore...

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