Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A.K.Hayyyy, Hayyyy, and Young Who?

I would like to welcome all of the A.K.A's who have traveled to D.C. this week.  They are here to celebrate their 100th anniversary.  Even though my sister "been throwin' up that dynasty sign" (she's a delta for those who missed the Kanye reference), I have much respect for the ladies.  They have been here all week getting their pink and green poppin'.  Congratulations, and here's to the next 100 years!


Actor Laaman Rucker known from his most recent flick 'Why Did I Get Married', was spotted at Busboys and Poets last night.  He looked like he jumped right of the front of a Duke box, like somebody spilled a whole carton of "sexy nigga" all over his ass.  I don't think it's possible for me to eat at Busboys anymore than I do, but if he's gonna be there, I will try.  The only thing that bothered me was his jeans.  Bad...bad...  Some type of 5 pocket "dad jean" atrocity.  Call me, I will style you, among other things!


Young Who...?
If you all haven't heard about rapper Young Berg's comments about dark-skinned women, then here goes...  He loosely said that he didn't like what he called "dark butts" or dark-skinned women.  He says that he does the "pool test", if he dunks them in a pool and they look worse than before, then it's a wrap.  Hold on guys, I'm about to go in...  First of all, this motherfucker looks like he got some rare disease like Up's Syndrome or some shit.  His short sawed off  ignorant gremlin lookin' ass can't even rap.  Don't get cute because you had one hit.  Tony Terry had one hit back in the 90's, and I ain't heard from his ass since, get my drift.  I'm not saying that you can't have a preference Young Iceberg, but it's a way that you say things.  Do you even have PR people or a publicist?   You know how many "dark-butt" chicks from the hood probably used child support money to go buy your wack ass CD?  Right...So everyone from now on download his shit, y'all better Limewire like  a bitch!  I couldn't see giving Young Turd any of my coins.  What is he even doing dating, isn't he like 12?

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Joey Bahamas said... should really have one of those short segments on a morning radio show where u just say this shit. LOL...i'm done. Luv!!