Monday, July 21, 2008

Somebody Stop Me...

And... Action!  Ok, so it all started on Thursday night when Howard and I decided to go out for cocktails.  Very soon after, my brother Borzou called with plans as well.  It was supposed to be a night of early cocktails, yeah right!  
Howard and I started out at The Fireplace at around 8.  It was tired as usual, and smelled how it always does, like throw up and moonshine.  It was 8:30, and most of the patrons were already drunk, so that was fun to watch.  I saw Terry (one of my Mr. Big's), and had a civilized conversation.  We hadn't talked in months, because I felt like I had to finish my "Terry Detox".  I'm good now, and Terry I hope you're reading  
After The Fireplace Howard and I went to an IT networking event at Local 16.  It was on the rooftop, lots of dockers and button-ups.  We met Borzou and Sohale there.  Hopefully brother you made some lucrative business contacts.  Big ups Falcon Printing!  Sohale had some friends meet up with us there, and we all headed over to Napolean.  We all were starving and the kitchen was closed so we went to get a big slice on 18th.

Boys like pizza and blow-jobs.  Anyways, we went back to Napolean for a bit before we sent the "straights" back into the suburbs.  After Napolean Howard and I decided to go to Fab Lounge where a couple of our friends throw a weekly party.  It was cute.  Hello Mr. Briggs.  After that Howard insisted on a night cap back at our Regal Begal, The Fireplace.  It still smelled like throw up and moonshine, but damn the vodka tonic was off the hook.  My early night had quickly turned into me stumbling home at 2 a.m.  I had to work the next day.
Which brings me to Friday.  Work was a blower as usual.  An Arab couple monopolized my time for an hour and ended up spending only 545 dollars with a tax exemption of course.  I needed a drink.  After work I went home to take a disco nap.  I met Hadi at LIV, and made plans to see "the Trade" later on that night.  I arrived at LIV at around 12:45 am with the Szubi skinny jeans off life on.  It took me at least 10 minutes and a prayer to get them on.  LIV gave me the usual crowd, cute with no extras.  "The Trade"sent me a text about an hour after I arrived at the club and asked me where I was.  Coincidentally, he was at a bar two blocks down, and asked me to join him.  We talked and conjured, and asked if he could come over and chill a.k.a. stick his tongue in my ass.  I declined.  He's cute though, maybe next time.  
After all that conjuring, I was starving.  I met up with Bernard and his new "wifey" to grab a bite at Ohhs and Ahhs.  India was there selling catfish dinners in a Marni wedge and the Chanel "Lindsay Lohan ankle bracelet".  She twirls so viciously.  She left in a hurry saying that she had to deliver dinners to some rappers at the Hotel Monaco.  Ummm... Again, I had to work the next day, and was tired as shit.  
Worked.  I hurried home to twirl an outfit change to meet "the girls" at the party.  I decided to give Knight Rider cunt (dressed in all black with the gat in the lap).  The party was on the rooftop of Yaneek's mans condo.  It was gorgeous!  Everyone had an amazing time.  Get into her cake.  Yaneek says that the woman who baked it, does pastries for the White House.  

Yaneek you were working that dress.  Marc Jacobs didn't mean for you to look that cute in it.  And, is that the cutest picture of Yaneek and her beau, I mean come on?

Claudia and her man were there.  She is so over.  I get so much life from her.  No read or shade, but weren't they looking like they just got back from Diddy's White Party in The Hampton's?

Tamika was there "twirling".  She was getting her speed dating on with the eligible bachelors there.  Janina, Angela, and Yaneek worked the paparazzi all night long.

Holly wasn't wearing Apple Bottom jeans, or boots with fur, but shawty sure as hell got low.  Sister says she looks like she was giving birth standing up.

Thomas twirled with "the girls" as well.  He said that he had a blast.  He also said that he will be getting into a "black scene" more often, and that he needs to find a black "daddy bear" to take care of him.  I have enough black queens swimming in my dating pool Thomas, Back!

Oh yeah, I had to work yesterday as well.  Again, I was exhausted.  Sister came out to Tysons all dressed in white and Navy Louis Vuitton.  She looked like she stepped off of "The Love Boat".  We drove back into the city and spent 23 dollars at Popeye's just for the two off us.  I punished my food and layed down for a nap.  My nap turned into me waking up at 2:15 a.m. to 4 missed calls and 5 missed text messages.  My plans of going out last night were crushed by fatigue.  There was some party at The Space and of course my usual Sunday night at R&R.  
Now I'm left with my room looking like Hurricane Katrina swept through her.  Couture is thrown all around.  How was your weekend?  What did you do?

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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

jones u dont seem nitter to me, thanks for the drive by folk, and he thank he a player lol

do come back, im gone do the same and add u to my roll so i can keep up mane

Joey Bahamas said...

"...the usual crowd, cute with no extras."- Can I get that to go please?

"We talked and conjured, and asked if he could come over and chill a.k.a. stick his tongue in my ass."- Yessss!

"Now I'm left with my room looking like Hurricane Katrina swept through her. Couture is thrown all around."- One of those weekends!



Macastil said...

Wassup Q.. I was in South Beach Miami for a week...Just Chillin on the Beach, with a drink in my hand.. Watchin the latino trade in there swimmin trunk... gettin Life off these Boy down here.. Hope 2 see you Soon

Love O

Mr. Fabulous said...

Darling...we definitely turned if on Thursday eve. I actually went out for a late late diner-early early breakfast at our spot in China town after you took your leave. I think I may have gotten in at 6-7ish in the AM. Wow how I do love being a man of leisure these days. Thank goodness I have the coin to continue my over the top lifestyle.

Howard C.
DCMF Magazine