Wednesday, July 02, 2008

You Suck..., and I'm So (High) Waisted...

Is this the most over vacuum you've seen or what?  I mean, doesn't this mother-fucker look like he's about to jet away on some 'Jetson's' type shit.  I don't know if vacuuming is that serious for you to strap a big old motor to your back.  Whatever happened to dusting?  

Ok, so I was on the train yesterday and saw this sight.  Can anyone please tell me why his fucking pants are so high?  No one says that he needs to sag like the "homeboys" on the block, but give me a break.  It also didn't help to have that bulbous apparatus  some may call a mobile strapped to his belt.  Oh, he also had the biggest camel toe ever.  He was hot, I got life!  

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