Monday, September 15, 2008

Fashion Week Wrap-Up...

Straight from Fashion Week Chinatown, D.C.

Hello All, and I Hope everyone had an amazing weekend.  I apologize for taking a vacation day on Friday, but I was just too tired to type.  I hadn't slept all night.  The trade was trying to dip his  oatmeal cookie in my 2 percent milk all night, so I was fighting off dick. Isn't that the worst? I couldn't see him "getting the best of me".  There is more on that later, but I promised a quick overview of the Spring/Summer 2009 collections.  Every six months (and also for cruise/resort) I'm glued to my computer screen to see what we will be wearing for the next season.  In true faggy fashion, this week I anticipated something amazing, something to stand out and be "sick"--there was nothing.  Don't get me wrong, the clothes were beautiful, just nothing to max out your American Express for.  O.K. here goes...

Dresses, dresses, dresses!  They definitely ruled the runway for Spring/Summer '09.  The silhouettes were mainly loose and flowing, very similar to last year.  Here is a cute look from hot chick Rachel Roy.

Here is Miss Kanyeshia looking very cute in her little suit.  This is pre-jail.  Did anyone see that queen go off on the paparazzi?  She lost it!  She was flailing around with her Damier back-pack on, throwing cameras to the ground and shit like she hadn't taken her meds.  Ooooh Lady...

Here is Miss Diddy and Miss Rachel "I Die" Zoe backstage at Zac Posen.  I live for Diddy. 

 Speaking of Zac Posen, here is a look from his collection.  More dresses...  

Abaete was definitely a stand out for me.  The dresses were cute, and had an 80's flair to them.  The dresses were voluminous, but didn't go over-board like last season.  

Carlos Miele showed beautiful dresses in what to be the colors for Spring '09--soft pastels.  Last Spring/Summer our colors were very loud highlighter pastels.  If you were scared of those bright colors last year, then this will be definitely suit you well.

Soft and easy to wear separates were also huge on the runway.  Yigal Azrouel has always given you an ovah separate.  His pieces are great to layer with, and to build around. 

Miss Marc Jacobs' collections was different.  I enjoyed it's aesthetic.  The colors worked well together and the fabrics looked amazing and wearable.  There was a slight Asian influence with the sashes.  It was among one of my favorite collections.  

Purple has definitely carried over into Spring/Summer, but instead of the jewel tones we are wearing for Fall the colors are more muted--mauves and lavenders.  Here is a beautifully draped gown from Rodarte.  I'm sure we will see some cunt in this on the red carpet in the near future.  You saw it here

Christian "Fierce" Siriano may have something going here.  He needs a couple of years to season out, and to find his niche, but he may have what it takes.  I can definitely see his influences from Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, two places were he held brief internships.  He really knows how to make a sexy yet wearable garment.  The only thing he needs to do is get rid of that asymmetric hair and stop saying "fierce" all the time like he coined it, and I think we'll be just fine.

Happy Monday!


Claire Cartwright said...

I jsut love reading your blog. You always manage to make me smile

Joey Bahamas said...

Yeah...I have to say Marc Jacobs was my favorite. His 'American in Paris" aesthetic and the mix of Asian influences, the colors and just took me there.

But Q, don't forget about men's wear!!!!!!! Luv!!!!