Thursday, October 09, 2008

Fake Housewives of ATL, and Beyonce Is Back Biiiiitches!

Did anyone catch the premiere of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta" the other night?  Why is Ne-Ne so ghetto, and what is wrong with the white girl's weave?  I don't see nay bit of scalp.  Even though her weave is  FUCKED, she's the most over one.  She slays the stores.  Whoever "Big Daddy" is, he is the ruler and his coin is long and strong.  I like the nice gal with the jewelry line with the fine football player husband.  Did anyone catch him on that good treadmill?  I thought I was in a bakery staring at all those cakes.  Goddamn!  Anyways if anything, the show will be entertaining.  The show airs on Bravo Tuesday nights at 9.  Get into it...  

Mrs. Carter has once again graced "the girls" with a yet another club banger. The new track entitled "Single Ladies", which will be featured on her new c.d to be released in November is ovah! I hear that many of the other tracks on the cd have a country feel to them. Another single which was also released yesterday, "If I Were A Boy", definitely has a southern twang to it. It's cute, we can't expect every cd to be the same from her. Kudos to Beyonce on trying to stay "fresh and new". She couldn't ever see these little cunts like Rihanna or Ciara coming for her throne as "Queen B". Listen to the song, let me know If you like...

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Mr. Fabulous said...

O.K., why was I thinking the exact same thing when watching the Real Housewives premier? That damn Na Na or shaniqua is so fucking ghetto. Did she get served or what when her name wasn't on the guest list. She just knew she was waltzing her ghetto ass up in that party. Did you see the look on her face when security gave "you need to check in at the door and be scratched of the list". You could have brought me for a dime when she was told she was not on the list. She came to the party top slay the girls but ended up outside make a complete fool of was such a shame.

I also agree...the white chick needs to get that weave together. With all the coin she gets from Big Poppa she can def. afford to. All and all she's my fav though. Did she serve the folks at the Rover dealership or didn't ever want for her to make one call then write a check for Range and drive off the lot with it. One question though; what happen to the car she drove to the dealership? Oh well, I guess they can keep it. That's SOOO OVAH...LOL


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