Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Smoot It Up, Flip It, Rub It Down....Oh No!

Ok well, the good thing is that my throat doesn't feel like I sucked 30 dicks dipped in salt this morning--just 23 or 24.  It's an improvement, that's all I can ask.  I am going to work though.  Hopefully, I can cough all over phones and random office supplies to get co-workers that I don't like sick.  

Anyways, I know I may get a reputation for working my way around the team, but who cares?  Fred Smoot is THE ONE!  I swear I've never felt like this before about anyone..lol.  Fred gives face and slight body--I live!

29 year old defensive end for the Redskins Fred Smoot is the ruler.  He is quite the party guy, and he could put Diddy out of business, because he is the real bad boy.  Hold on, I'm about to drop some teas...

You guys don't remember the "Love Boat Scandal" back in 2005 involving players from the Minnesota Vikings? Ummmm, well the "alleged" ring leader of it all was Mr. Smoot.  Smoot and other team mates "allegedly" rented a boat and prostitutes to hold a sex party.  Fred again "allegedly" held a two-headed dildo for prostitutes to pleasure themselves with for all to see.  In May of 2006 Smoot plead guilty to disorderly conduct.  He payed a hefty fine, and completed community service. 
 I myself don't see what the big deal was.  If they wanna have a sex party on a boat with didlos and things, it's their business.   I would be more than happy to host your sex party Fred.  I would bake cookies, and have juice--anything you want.  Fucking prudes!

Who wants to put money on it that they gang banged the shit out of that little lady there that night?  I'm just saying?  Call me Fred!


Joey Bahamas said...

Cute and nasty....just how I like um!

Promiscuous X said...

Yet again you have me on the floor cracking the hell up. Yo ol boy is sexy as hell lol.

Corey Keith said...

OMG! I went to college with Fred Smoot and I do believe having him is one dream and you could make come true!