Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Barrack Trip Card, The Next Big Thing, The Yucky Twins, DC Event...

Is D.C. over or what?  Chocolate City will soon release special edition Smartrip cards with my fine President elect Barrack Obama's likeness on them.  I couldn't see not getting one.  Ain't he fine ya'll?  That's my sweet President, better nobody say a cross word about him...


My sweet baby child recently shot with renown photographer Tarrice Love (pic above).  He is in New York pursuing his dream to be a model.  You heard it here first, he IS the next big thing.  I feel a national campaign ad coming soon.   Look at him, he even tries to give face while watching television.  I'm smiling with my eyes...now I'm not smiling with my eyes.


O.K., so if Tila Tequila didn't make you barf enough, next week MTV is premiering 'Double Shot of Love' starring The Ikki twins?  I have no clue where they pull these J list celebrities from.  I guess these girls are bisexual sisters who have posed in Playboy.  I know I say I'm not gonna tune in, but who can pass up watching a train wreck happen right before your eyes?  

What in the Brooke Hogan?  What in the 'No Sex in the Champagne Room?  What in the Spitzer scandal?  Are they wearing clear heels in the pic below?  I need sit down (holding head)...


The American Cancer Society is holding a benefit tonight at The Cardinal's Nest.  The benefit marks a night of jazz and comedy, and should be a great time.  Comedian Chris Thomas will perform as well a couple of d.c.'s own talented artist.  For more information please visit www.mrbriggsmanagement.com.


Anonymous said...

Aww Q, You sir are my sweet child.
Obama deserves all the grace he gets.
You and Brando are both my sweetest sweets.
I said im in tears!
I need you, I need brando, I need Kobe, I need Daniel (waiter at busboys)and I need a glass of water!

Promiscuous X said...

If you dont post today..Ima say it now bighead...

Happy Thanksgiving Jerzee style

Joey Bahamas said...

I really really like that picture. I'll be keeping my eye out for him. I need to see him in like VMAN or Buck or something. Hotness!

...and don't you just live for a clear heel?? I know I do...luv!!!