Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up, Oooh Mama Look At Obama, and Monday Wake-Up!

I know I've been gone for a while, but this Holiday season has been a conjure.  Work, work, work...I'm so exhausted when i get home that I can barely finish my nightcap.  Friday night I worked until 10, it was dreadful.  There was no one there shopping besides me.  One of my ridiculously crazy clients drove up from Bumfuck, Va to see me.  Whenever she comes, it's always a show.  At least she bought something, so I entertained her antics.  After I sent her packing Lucy called and asked if I wanted to eat at 
The Palm, I acquiesced.  I was looking forward to a nice meal and some much needed conversation.  As we were walking into the restaurant, we see a man jump head first out of a moving SUV near the valet stand.  I of course called 911 being that there was blood gushing from the front of his head.  He appeared to be a little inebriated--Aww, fuck that, this mother fucker was wasted.  Apparently, he was arguing with his wife who was driving and felt the need to self-eject himself from the car?  Lord help me.  After those antics, we went in to a nice meal and went home.
Saturday I worked early.  We had a pot-luck Christmas party.  I bought pasta from Maggiano's, and a cake from Corner Bakery.  I couldn't see cooking for anyone at work.  Besides I wasn't going to eat that much of anyone else's cooking anyways--you know people aren't clean...  They won't have me sick in the hospital, wondering what's wrong--Oh hell naw! 
I almost forgot that my sweet child Joey, his boyfriend "String Bean", and his gay mother ca,me to visit me during my busy day.  They gave me exactly what I needed in the middle of my day!  Afterwork I went home and relaxed.  I talked to the trade on the phone until the wee hours and finally turned in at around 4 a.m.
Yesterday work was alright, I fleeced at 6.  I went home to order my favorite Thai food and relaxed.  Normie had gone to New York for the weekend, and would be returning to D.C. around 4:30 a.m.  There was no point of my sweet child going to M.D. and coming right back for work, so he stayed here.  Around 6 a.m., I heard weird noises coming from my roommates room.  I knew that he was having company, so I thought that they were having.  Upon closer observation, it appeared that he was having a diabetic/whatever the fuck attack.  I went to get him juice and his "friend" who spoke not a lick of English by the way got him to drink it.  The "friend" at one point asked my for a "tay-wuhl"?  I asked this motherfucker at least 3 times what he said before he started to do sherades with my ass.  Come to find out, he was asking for a towel.  I'm calling immigration.  
Now which brings us to the Monday before Christmas and I must do a bit of shopping.  I only need to get my niece something, and other little odds and ends.  Wish me luck!


Did you guys get into these pictures of Obama taken by a photographer in the 70's?  Why is our president a pimp?  I live!  I'll be your Monica Barrack, just let me know.  I wouldn't even do any crazy shit like keeping a crusty dress either.  I would dry clean it immediately, I couldn't see possibly ruining any of my fashions because you "super soaked dat ho"... I know I'm crazy, sorry...

This pic explains why Mr. President's lips are that lovely shade of aubergine.  I don't condone the smoking of cigarettes, but damn can i get a drag?


It's Monday, and I know some of you are just as tired as I am.  I'm sure you need a little Monday wake-up...

Gerald Washington is just a baby, but as Whitney said, he's all the man that I'd ever need.  Washington stands at a towering 6' 6", and is well over 260 pounds.  He plays football for USC. 

Ya'll know Vernon Davis, he's over... 


Acoustic Soul said...

You crack me up!! "This pic explains why Mr. President's lips are that lovely shade of aubergine.

Now it's clear to me. I always wondered!

oh yea . . . .that tuck and roll scene you experienced is too much. He was prolly saying some fucked up shit to his wife and she shoved his ass out the moving vehicle.

Joey Bahamas said...

When we decided we were going to Tyson's, I said we have to go see Q. I'm glad we could give you a little midday pick up. You know what my midday pick up was...those studded shoes. They were ovah!!!!

We have to go for drinks before I leave for home! Luv!!


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that was diabetes? My dad is diabetic and has an occasional episode,I have also watched Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias several times and there was nothing blush or bashful about what I saw this morning.
Oh, thanks for letting me crash Sweet Child

Anonymous said...

Oh no, not immigration! (LOL)

Anyway, if I had seen Obama back in the day, I think I would have tried to push up on him, he looks sexy in those pics.

Mr. Fabulous said... I'v been working since 5:00 this am...I sleep with my laptop. My neck started geting stiff so I thought I needed to take a break. What do I always do in times like this...I fleece over to my bois' blogs. As usual you ave me what I needed. Imma beat your ass with a dogwood switch for that towel antics...LOL. Sadly, I know what you're talking about a little to well. You know my outlook on the subject. If can't speak-a-English for the fuck-out-a-America!!!

Stay Fabulous!!!

Howard Cromwell
DCMF Magazine