Thursday, February 04, 2010

It's Dynasty Wednesday: The Thursday Edition

Sorry I had to postpone 'Dynasty Wednesday' yesterday. I was feeling some kinda way about that poor homeless man sleeping on that bench. I still feel bad, but some trashy 'Dynasty" clips will definitely cheer me up.

In today's clip Blake found Krystle's birth control pills while Krystle was out on the town with "the girls". Blake and Krystle had been trying to have a baby (at least that's what Blake thought). Krystle couldn't see letting that old trade bust inside her, besides his old ass didn't have long on earth anyway. Next thing you know Krystle would be left alone on welfare takin' care of his bald headed baby!

Blake felt betrayed, and it looked like he was sippin' on that "yak", so he decided to rape Krystle. I never realized how graphic the content was back then until looking back on it. Hmmmm... Still after being raped by her own husband, Krystle couldn't see leaving Blake's old saggy nuts, because his coins were too long (translation: he had lots of money). I don't blame her. Even though I don't condone rape in ANY form, she should have just given it up anyways, he was paying for that pussy--all those furs she had! Shiiiitttt! I would have been Blake's little freak--waiting for his ass when he got home in crotchless panties, a whip, a toaster oven, some syrup, a dildo, a tennis raquet, and a feather! For the love of money! (wink)

Hopefully you guys don't get snowed in this weekend, and if you do I hope you have ample bottles of wine. Ciao!


Curious said...

I get the reason for everything except the toaster oven.

Boggled said...

All that for a lil midnight kiss

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