Friday, April 30, 2010

Rhymes with "Duck" You Friday...

Ummm so yeah, last night I put a barf bucket close to me, and forced myself to watch Lisa Raye's reality show. If you're bulemic, there's no need to shove fingers down your throat when this show is on. It's a total barf fest. From her tacky white outfits, to her tacky white outfits, (lol) I literally had to pause the television on some segments and breath!

She is so fucking annoying! She tries to be so bougie, but she's as ghetto as a Plies video! At times the lines between Lisa Raye, and her character "Diamond" from 'The Player's Club' were blurred. She might as well be a low class stripper, because that's how she acts.

Oh, and another thing! I'm not saying that my grammar is always impeccable, but last night she said "licka". No she wasn't talking about Karrine Stefans, she was trying to say "liquor". No wonder homeboy from Turks and Cockos, I mean Caicos, sent her ghetto Ed Hardy wearing cougar Negro ass back to the states.

LuAnn from 'The Housewives of New York' has a hideous new song. If you can get past her whining ass voice, and the T-Pain autotune, there's a message in it. The song is called "Money Can't Buy You Class". She ain't never lied. Fuckin' Nouveu Riche!

This had been today's episode of "Fuck You Friday". I hope you enjoyed. Have a great weekend! (wink)

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