Sunday, March 06, 2011

And My Weekend Went A Little Something Like This, Breezy Taught Me, Let's Go Skiing, and Reminiscing With Ms. Ross

Good Morning fuck nuts! I'm up and at 'em early, and I hope you guys are as well. It was a gross rainy weekend here in DC, but I tried to make the best of it. On Friday I went to TOP Chef LOVE. Three area chefs were at competing to become head chef at an area nightclub. There were food tastings, and wine pairings. I arrived kind of late so you know all of the Black people had already eaten most of the food. It's a "tasting" people. The intention is not for you to get "full". Ugh! I swear those Blacks will NEVER learn.
After the competition I headed over to MOCA, an art gallery in Georgetown. There was an erotic art exhibit. They had body painting, erotic tattooing and piercing as well. It was interesting. I've been to events like this before in New York, just never in DC. The bodies of the nude models in New York were a little tighter than this...

It was on some HBO 'Real Sex' ish. I'm sure if we stayed another hour, people would have been fucking. I would have stayed to watch and perhaps be a participant if the crowd were hotter. (shrugs)

Since they weren't it was time to hit up my Bourbon Steak for all my favorites. The burger, KFC (chicken wings done their way), duck fat fries, and a pear brandy sidecar.

I was in heaven after that, but still wasn't fulfilled. So off to Ruth's Chris it was for dessert. I saw my girls there, so we had a blast talking. My boy was spinning so we headed over to MUSE to support. There was drama at the door with some punk ass security guard, so I couldn't see going in. He had the nerve to tell me to "step the fuck back". Huh? I'm so confused why anyone who makes $10 an hour to stand outside in the cold to pat people down would ever think they could speak to me like that? After I gave him a big chunk of my mind, I was out like Ricky Martin. Who wants to go to MUSE anyway? Thanks for the favor rude ape looking doorman with bear belly.

After all that dram, it was time for bed. On Saturday I woke up for a morning meeting, and spent the rest of the day vegging. Yesterday I woke up for church. I had a great time there, and the message was right on time. After getting my praise on, I did grocery shopping and came home and cooked like the nice househusband I will be one day. Besides, I needed to eat and get my strength for all of the reality television i'd be watching. Last night topping my reality list was 'Celebrity Apprentice', 'Basketball Wives', and 'Real Housewives of OC'. I overdosed on reality television and Girl Scout cookies last night. At one point I think I even tried to eat the cardboard box. Screw those Girl Scouts whores for tempting me every year around this time! It's tragic. That's why my ass is headed to the gym in 5...4...3...2...




Ummm yeah, so you know my heart skipped a beat when I finally saw the "leaked" Chris Brown nude pictures. You have no idea what this man does to me, or more importantly what I'd like him to do to me. Now I know that he is well equipped to please. I'm not a size queen, but it's pretty big already and no where near erect. I knew Rihanna stuck around for a reason...

...and this is it.

The pics were of course conveniently "leaked" right around the time of his new project, but who cares. I'm all for shameless promotion, especially if it looks like that. Damn Chris, "Gimme Dat".



So like you guys were surprised when the pictures of Bobbi Kristina snorting coke surfaced? It's in her blood--no literally it's really in her blood! From all of the coke Bobby and Whitney did before, during, and after their pregnancy? I think Whitney was high in the 'I'm Every Woman' video, and she was 8 or 9 months preggers with Bobbi Kris then.

So, Bobbi Kris who just turned 18 pulled the Marion Barry. She said that some bitch set her up. It doesn't look like anyone was setting her up here they way she's snorting that booger sugar. Instead of chanting "chug, chug, chug, chug, chug", were they chanting "snort, snort, snort, snort, snort"? She looks so comfortable doing it. I guess you can't fuck with you genetic code?

How sweet. Like mother, like daughter. I wonder if Whitney bought her an engraved coke spoon for her 18th birthday. So sentimental...(grabs tissue to weep)

I swear she's high. Look at how she says "Chaka Khan" at the 4 minute 35 sec mark. I'm just saying, her eyes look a little "crackish".

Hopefully Bobbi Kris gets help, and soon so she can go on the last season of Oprah and talk about it. Help her Lord!



Speaking of God, I mean Oprah, I had forgotten how over Diana was until she was on her show last week. She was the gayest cunt ever! I guess you can't help to not feel yourself when you're in all of that drag (hair/makeup/costumes).

Check out this clip from a 1981 television program. Get into her luxe fur, and how she just throws it to the ground!

I wish I were around in the late 70's/early 80's. I would snorted mounds of coke and danced ALL night at the discos in high waisted crystal encrusted jeans. It looked like soooo much fun. Who has a time machine I can borrow?

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where are you? Please come back. I know life is busy with your new bussiness but I loved reading your blog every week for the rundown.