Monday, April 21, 2008

Perm Alert...

Please keep in mind that as a black woman there are certain things you must do to maintain.  I know it sucks, and no black woman wants to do it, but unless you are going natural you need a relaxer.  Somebody please tell Zoe Kravitz's black ass to get a perm.  She doesn't have the luxury to wake up and go (Hi Viva).  You know she can afford a silk scarf to wrap her head at night before bed, if not I have plenty to give her.  Hair products that all black girls should have in their bathroom: 

. An Emergency Perm:  You never know when those kitchens will start to act up.
. Jam:  You know for those problem sides, and your baby hair.
. Brown Gel:  If there is no Jam, that good ol' beauty supply $1 brown gel will do.
. Silk Scarf:  You better get to wrapping before bed!
. Satin Pillowcase:  Just in case you don't have time to wrap.
. Flat iron:  Anything but a Golden Hot, it will burn your shit out!

Black Bitches Rock!  Tomorrow is for my white girls...


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thats all you Viva!

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