Monday, April 21, 2008


Check out the video to the left first.  Is it me, or am I the only one that believes they aren't going anywhere?  I was headed home from work on Saturday, and saw this site.  It doesn't really help either that they're both wasted.  Did anyone catch the beer?  By the way, the car was in the same spot yesterday, and it's still there today.  I know this is really gonna sound mean, but should I call immigration?  Let me know if anyone has that number handy?  Thanks.


Mr. Fabulousity said... know my outlook when it comes to ... Someone Call Immigration IMMIDIATELY.

You did say in your invterview for DC's Most Fabulous Magazine ( that you would be out and about with your cam...I tried to warn the folks...LOL

Ya Boi
Howard C.

Macastil said...

Yas Honie!!! After I caught my maid (Miss Maria Gomez) trying to steal my Vintage RED Valentino Satin Bow Slingback, I keep immigration on speed dial 1-877-421-6678 or

Much Luv
" O "

Q said...

Thank you O...Im calling now.