Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bitch Betta' Have My Money...

Millions of Americans are slated to receive their 2008 'economic stimulus' checks within the next coming weeks.  Please just remember to spend your money wisely.  Try to invest it if you can.  Remember, these tough economic times we're in right now and... Oh, fuck it!  Hey everyone go out out and party.  Buy crack, hookers, booze and things.  After all, Bush owes us more than that from the torture he's put us through the last near decade.  
Oh, and where are all my single mothers living in poverty?  Go buy yourself a Chanel bag with that extra 300$ per kid.  There's nothing like living in the ghetto with no power, hardly any food, and a bag worth 2G's.  Happy wad blowing!

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