Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Comb Ovah...!

I mean shit, we all know what's under there. It's just like a fat
girl wearing all black, you're not hiding anything from me. Just
because you threw on a black moo-moo, doesn't mean that instantly
makes you 120 pounds.

This nice gentleman on the train the other day, literally took what
looks like a good 15-20 minutes, to strategically place each strand of
hair that is on the left side of his head to cover his balding
middle. How much hair spray do you have to use for such a project,
and what happens if you're in the middle of tsunami season? God
forbid I be a victim of male pattern baldness. If I do, you sure as
hell won't see me combing over. Eagles are bald, and so is
Steve Harvey now. Invest in a luxury sports car, and no one will even
notice your little hair issue. Just don't get a convertible I'f
you're stuck on the toupee thing, bad things could happen.

Happy Wednesday....

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