Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The shocking sequel to 'Snakes On A Plane', 'Dikes On A Train'...?

Come on, where can you even find a 2 piece pant suit anymore? Also, why would any God-fearing woman wear a trouser sock with an elevated heel loafer? The worst thing about these women is that they're not even poorly dressed carpet munchers, they are breeders without a fucking clue. And if their clothes aren't bad enough, look at their bulky PDA's (not so clutch friendly). I just have visions of them shopping for over-sized Bluetooth devices together, and giving each other way too many thumbs up. And they wonder why they can't seem to break the glass ceiling? Put on some fucking heels, and show some breast, no man in history has ever turned a nose up to it. I'm gay, and i'll be damned if I wanna stare at an office full of Ellens...

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Mr. Fabulous said...

You are sooo NOT RIGHT. I just caught up on my Quincy for the week and I am having another one of the laughing spats. I just can't stop. And yes, you guessed it, my coworkers know exactly what I'm reading. Dam this is what I needed on a Thursday morning.


Howard C