Thursday, May 15, 2008

Crush of the Week: Sarah Jessica Parker

All right already, I can't even fucking wait...So now starts the countdown for ye old 'Sex And The City' movie.  2 weeks until we can see Carrie on the big screen in all of her 83 costume changes throughout the movie.  You all have to admit, she is one fierce bitch (and I don't even say fierce).  I don't mean to sound really gay right now, but didn't this show change our lives?  The fashion, the thrash talking about men, the girlfriend bonding, all added to what I will spring to say is one of the best television shows in history. See the girls together once again on the silver screen on May 30.  


Joey Bahamas said...

Quincy...found your blog thanks to Howard! I'm loving it already. I shared ur URL with my readers and put you in my blogger favorites. You should stop on over, and I will definitely continue reading! Luv!

Joey Bahamas

Macastil said...

OMG - Q... I miss U
Me and some friends, will be @ the Georgetown Loews on May 30th. The movie starts @ 7pm. Come out and Watch "Sex and the City" with us, if You're FREE..
Did you see the June issue of Vogue, with SJP on the Cover.
Love O

Mr. Fabulous said...

You are soo right...The bitch is FIERCE!!!

Howard C.