Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Believe The Children Are Our Future...

 While walking through my neighborhood, I was touched to see the adorable little Latino children play.  I said to myself, "Wow, this is our future..."  I got  little choked up at the mere thought of how many future maids, busboys, janitors, and corner drunks I saw right before my eyes.  One day they too would grow up, and dress their daughters in wedding gowns and pumas for school.  Their hands dry and cracked from corrosive cleaning materials, will cradle and caress their own offspring.  Of which. were conceived in a studio apartment shared by 14.  
Hopefully their minds will coast to a nostalgic state and reminisce on this very day in the park where they ran and frolicked so carefree.  This was truly a "light bulb moment" for me.  Life is all about absorbing your environment, and not missing a moment.  Last weeks "Niggers Enjoy Nature" inspired this piece.  Hopefully. once again I have inspired you all to take in the beauty that surrounds us.  

(This is bad...Oh my God!!!  Did I just really write that?)


Miss Glitter said...

You know it's not bad, it's true. And there's nothing more lovely then just hanging out with friends, nowhere to go and nothing to you, on a lovely day like this. Enjoy it.

Mr. Fabulous said...

You did write that...Wow, I thought I was bad...again you have me beat...LOL

Howard C.

Joey Bahamas said...

LMAO....throw me off a fucking ledge!!! Luvs!