Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Im In Love With A Stripper...

It's 2:39 a.m, and I'm just back from watching the strippers get it in at LIV on U St.  Please remember to tip them, they are regular people just like us.  Who cares if they like to pour milk down the crack of their asses, or simulate oral sex on  crowd participants?  They have normal day jobs like us...They are plumbers, and interior decorators, and ministers, and pediatricians...!  So tip them damnit!  I know I couldn't have shaken my ass like that and gotten up for work, or could I...? I would actually consider a profession in stripping, but the only thing that concerns me is the really tacky costumes.  To date, I've never seen a stripper in vintage Dior, or current season McQueen?  The second Karl Largerfeld finds his inspiration at Body Tap, count me in...Im going to dance for blooood, cause my outfit is going to be so over!!!!!!   

Can anybody tell me how I'm going to get up for work?  Sponsors please call 202-615-....!  Big up Hadi, Howard, and Elias...!


Mr. Fabulous said...


You are truly sick in the head...LOL! Just when I think you can't get any worse I read your latest blog.

I feel so sorry for the folks at the office, they know that your and Susannah's blogs are part of my daily surfing and when I dam near fall outta my chair from laughing so dam hard they all know I am reading my friend's blogs. They all run in to my office to see the latest posting. So dam addictive.

On another note, we did have a great time last night, however, I wish you would have warned me that you were snapping pics. I would have been further away for the dancers...I new there was some reason you stayed on the other side of the club...LOL

Love it.

Howard C


Blogger said...

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