Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Lacrosse My Heart, And Hope to Die...

Okay, hello... This is what I'm talking about!  All I need is a couple of firemen, 3 sailors, George Clooney, and a Chick-fil-a sandwich (shut up, its my fantasy).  I bet you anything his girlfriend has no clue about the circle jerks that go in the locker room.  Tiffany probably doesn't even care (I'm sure her name is Tiffany, or Kelly).  He promised to propose to her 6 months after graduation, and she's so ecstatic.  Eight months into their marriage Tiffany wonders why he hands her a strap-on, and tells her to "take him"?  She doesn't even think twice about doing it.  She finds it quite liberating, yet year after year, her mom nags her for grand kids.  Now years later, and on the verge of divorce, she wishes she would have payed more attention to that "chicks with dicks" dvd in his practice knapsack.   

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