Friday, May 23, 2008

Things I hate...(today)

I hate Fantasia's new hyper-colored hair, I hate Almond Joys, I hate Plies' new song, I hate chinos and polo shirts, I hate Gail King, I hate ill-fitting denim, I hate when people fart and thinks it's funny, I hate pretentious fags who think they are 'doing the damn thing', when they're not, I hate men who can't commit, I hate liars, I hate self-check out lines, I hate women who have bad highlights, I hate traffic, I hate cheap people, I hate bad weddings, I hate smelly cab drivers, I hate people who eat sloppily, I hate nosey mother-fuckers,  I hate how adopting babies is in, I hate Beyonce because I love her, I hate potato salad, I hate carnations, I hate unkept lawns, I hate the new 5 dollar bills, I hate giving a blow-job when you don't feel like it, I hate people who try to steal parking spaces, I hate damp locker rooms, and Shannon Doherty's lazy eye...

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