Monday, June 02, 2008

Business Bear...

I saw this guy on the train headed to Vienna the other day.  I just had visions of him being at 'The Eagle' the night before.  His fetish for wearing anal beads to work has really affected his performance on the job.  The partners at the firm all wondered why he had to interrupt the presentation for 3 consecutive bathroom trips? At home his wife, finds receipts for the 'Crew Club' in his wallet.  He says it's a gym, and he's actually starting to lose those extra pounds.  How many more red flags does she need?  The only way he lets her perform oral on him is through the aid of the glory hole he built in their living room.  They tell company it's a chic new partition, that's all the rage.   "Daddy is away for a couple of days, he's at Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend..."  Do you think a 8 year old really understands what that means? 

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