Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up--The Abridged Version, You Want Me To Wear What?, and Vintage Post: Shrimp Fried Rice and Watermelon...

Good Monday Morning you freaks!  Hopefully everyone had an amazing weekend.  I'm making this wrap-up a short one--i need pool time today.  Anyways, my weekend was great.  Thursday night I went to Lauriol Plaza with boyfriend number 2.  On Friday I didn't do anything.  I felt exhausted.  I was super bummed that I missed my girlfriend's going a way party, but I'll just have to catch her in Miami.  Good luck Abena!  On Saturday I worked.  I didn't do much work, I ke-ke'ed all day long.  "The Girls" just kept coming through the door to walk on me.  Hi Deidre, Bahareh, and Cherri.  It's always cute when the girls come through and walk.  Happy Birthday again Cherri!  
Saturday night boyfriend number 1 came over.  He hung out while I got ready for the party at the warehouse.  Needless to say, we were a tad late, and I ended up in the shower twice.  Once we stopped humping, we went to meet Horace, Dionne, and Katie at Chi Cha lounge.  The vibe was cute.  Tamika and crew also met us there before we headed to the warehouse party.  It was Tamika's birthday--Happy Birthday you fucking queen!  The party at he warehouse was adorable.  Boyfriend number one and I stayed until around 3.  We had to make it home to film the sequel to our movie.  Yesterday I worked.  Surprisingly, I functioned pretty well being that I was running on E.  Dick will energize your ass, I swear!  Sometimes it's better than a Red Bull.  
Which brings us to today.  I'm pooling it!  Peace fuckers, I'm missing out on prime time sun!


Did you guys hear about Vivica Foxx coming out with her own clothing line?  I swear to you, if this actually happens, I'm writing my Congressman.  Who wants to wear ANYTHING that Vivica Foxx would even consider putting on that plastic ass body of hers?  If it does come about, I have a name for it--COUGAR!  In all of her dresses, there should be pockets that keep vials of botox fresh for up to a year!  Ooooh Vivica, you tried it!


Remember this....?

Trust me, I'm down for the swirl and all, but DAMN!  This greasy egg roll fried-chicken nail salon section 8 wonton chitterling sex does not need to be televised.  This has to be the nasty interracial have that I have ever seen.  Who is the top?  After it's distinguished who is pitching, i couldn't stomach watching or imaging it.  Could you?  How do you say, "I'm about to cum in Korean?"  Never mind, I don't ever want to hear that....EVER!


theoriginalblowersdaugtr said...

sooo wrong, yet so right. I think black dude could actually be the top, judging by the way korean dude is oogling his package; looks like he's (k dude) is thinking 'damn, what i would give to have that inside me".

yup. mystery solved : )

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Wrong. Hot damn mess.

deontek said...