Thursday, June 18, 2009

You Know What's Beat...?

You know what's beat as hell?  Chanel Resort 2010 is the ruler.  I know it's hard to think about resort, and we are not even through summer yet, but damn!  Karl Lagerfeld and his team really know how to snort the longest lines of coke over there at the House of Chanel and still be productive.  We still see the iconic opulent lesage and detailing that has made the house a mega brand, but it seems wearable.  I have always been a fan of resort collections.  I love the nautical inspired clothing, big totes, and the idea of the cunt who slays a whole resort collection to wear to her villa in St. Barth.  


Kanye and Amber (Kamber) are beat!  They are so ridiculously over the top that it's sickening.  Why is Ms. Kanye finding his light better and giving more face better than Amber?  I couldn't see my trade out-posing me.  
Nevertheless, they are beat as shit!

This is a picture that was taken during Inauguration weekend that I kept in my files.  I bet Ludacris took Obama back to his dressing room and smoked the most over blunt ever!  While they smoked, they listen to Bone Thugs and Harmony and drank 40's.  Let me have my fantasy...
This ghetto bitch on the train the other day was beat as hell!  First of all, I'm not even tripping off the bamboo earrings--I think they're kinda cute.  I'm tripping off the fact that she was talking to her girlfriend sitting in the seat across from her about "personal" issues. **Begin quote, "I be holdin' my urine all the time, that's why my bladder be hurtin'..."**End Quote.  I thought that it was so over that she didn't care about me hearing about her bladder control issues.  In fact, when she looked back at me, she gave me a look like, "What?"...  She was beat as hell.  

I don't know if she has bladder control issues or not, but Ri-Ri is beat!  I don't think I've ever seen the bitch look bad.  She needs to give her good good girlfriend Beyonce some style tips.  I guess you can't have EVERYTHING.  If Beyonce dressed as over as Rihanna, i think she would combust into flames from ovahness!  It's ok though, at least we have Ri-Ri.  "Give me shoes, and give me bags.  How much you want, I need 'em bad..."  

This man was sitting on the platform the other day waiting for the train.  He was beat!  He was literally sleeping sitting straight up.  When the train came, I nudged his ass to give him a head's up.  How do you sleep while sitting straight up?  Maybe his ass was part flamingo or something?  

Drake is beat, fuck what you've heard!  Get into a song that's been on repeat for the past week on my Ipod.  The song is called "Unstoppable", and features my dirty tree dwelling Keebler elf gnome ass ugly-sexy fucker Lil' Wayne.  Get in...


Joey Bahamas said...

AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Sister...I posted the Chanel resort show to my twitter this morning. I got sooo much life. I lost it at my I in the wrong business?!?!


Chaz said...

Really? I have to get into Chanel Resort. I am still reeling in awe over Balenciaga's Resort moment. Ghesquiere ate, digested, and regurgitated it. If you haven't already, you must get in. I'm not a huge fashion girl, but Balenciaga usually does it for me, regardless of season or gender. I like their male and female pieces equally.

Chet said...

Chanel is alwways beat!
The Resort Collection oh so beat!
Kanya and Amber totally beat!
Anything done with or by Luda (Ludacris) is most certainly beat!
Ghetto bitches on metro beat!
RiRi Ultimate beat!
Any man that can sleep standing in such a milieu is beat!
Drake semi-beat!

Jamar said...

This Beat by Drake is OVAH!!! I live for Rihanna and the House of Chanel. Everyone else can kick rocks.

Miss Fiasco said...

Lmaooo part flamingo.

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