Thursday, June 05, 2008

Things I hate today...June 5, 2008

I hate tapioca, I hate how Tyra Banks gives me too much. I hate that Britney Spears can't get it together still.  I hate Dina Lohan and her many references to Lindsay on her wack ass reality show.  I hate how hot it will be today.  I hate people who don't clean up after themselves.  I hate people who cough without covering their mouths.  I hate bad kissers.  I hate boring cocktail parties.  I hate that no one claims to know who killed Tupac and Biggie.  I hate Soulja Boy.  I hate black girls with old stinky weaves.   I hate that Chik-fil-A is not a five star restaurant yet.   I hate parents who don't correct their bad ass children.   I hate Pentagon City Mall.   I hate when people invade my personal space.   I hate espresso.   I hate that R. Kelly still won't admit that he pissed on that girl.   I hate cold pizza.   I hate that there is always a line at Georgetown Cupcake.   I hate that I continue to eat Georgetown Cupcakes even though they give me extreme runs.    I hate that Hillary wants to run for Vice.   I'm finally going on record to say that I hate that Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown song 'No Air'.   I hate that "venti", "grande" shit at Starbucks, when did it stop being small, medium, and large?  I hate that Ashanti just won't give up.  I hate how girls wear fake bags like they're real.  I hate how the ailment "yeast infection" sounds.  I hate people who got made fun of in high school, but now make money so they think they instantly became cool?  I hate cinnamon gum, Ms. Al Reynolds, cheddar Harvest Chips, and Sinceer from 'Flavor of Love's' forehead.


Right... said...

Why you ain't say you hate me?

Joey Bahamas said...

I wish u had listed these so I could say, "I agree with 1-(insert last number here)." Bad kissers and fake bags, bad weaves, Pentagon City, bad ass me a favor and get this published in the Post.


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