Friday, July 25, 2008

Crush of the Week: Wendy Williams...

Wack ass Omarosa went on Wendy William's new day time talk show earlier this week. Wendy's show which for now, is only airing in major markets such as New York, L.A., and Chicago has opened to huge numbers. Immediately, from the gate Oma"gross"a started in on my girl Wendy. I guess she needed her "airtime" . She fights so hard to keep this bad girl/villaness image. I'm sure she goes home and cries herself to sleep. Anyways, Omarosa first suggest that Wendy is "fake", then goes on to insist that Wendy had a nose job. What did she do that for? The claws came out. I couldn't ever see Omarosa coming for Wendy. Wendy is a big ol' drag queen. She has always been a faggy. Bottom line is Omarosa is wack, and her weave gives me synthetic all day long. Wendy girl, call me if you need me. I live for any queen that wears pink boas and platform acrylic heels, but acts as if she's draped in McQueen. See the clips yourself on YouTube. I tried to post them, but there were technical difficulties.

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