Friday, July 25, 2008

Hey Miley Can I Borrow $20...?, and Oooh Dwayne!

Is Miley Cyrus kidding me?  
Why is she so rich?  This mini-cunt is jumping all over the Today Show's stage this morning screaming to the top of her lungs (off key mind you).  Which again proves my point that you need zero talent to be successful in the music industry.  Ashanti? Oh, never mind, I said successful.    


        Oooh Dwayne...I live for your new bald doo.  I like basketball?  I mean, I have ESPN.  I would hand wash the shit out of your jerseys.  all of the other trade in the locker room would give, "What's that smell?" It would be giving fabric softener boot.  Look at him sitting there looking like a praying mantis dipped in chocolate.  Quincy Wade kinda has a ring to it, don't you think?

photo:  theybf


Anonymous said...

ugh.... dwayne is hott. i have wet dreams about him!!! lol.

Joey Bahamas said...!!!!!!!