Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fuck You Monique...!

Aww Lawd! I sure as hell don't wanna see this early in the morning.
Thank Goodness I hadn't had breakfast yet. I'm all for the big girls,
but goddamn, who said she had to wear a spandex mini-dress? You know,
I blame Monique for all of that "love the skin you're in" bull-shit!
It has given big girls all around the world a free pass to just act a
fool. Trust me, if Monique could come down to 4 without looking like
a total assonine hypocrite, she would. Freakum dresses weren't meant
to be made in that size, now they're just fuckin' with the universe,
and I don't want anything to do with that!


Anonymous said...

You know I am on the floor laughing, cause I know you right. Big girls themselves know you're right too.

Chet said...

I am about to be escorted out of my office what causes such a ruckas in here after reading your entry...OMG! I know all to well what you are experiencing with the big girls in little girl clothing. So pleased you witness that on an empty stomach. LMAO!