Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Run A Train On Me", "It's My Party, They Can Fight If They Want To", and...

Oh Hell Naw!  Friday wasn't the best day at work for me, and then I had to face this when I got on the train.  There were hour delays both ways on the Orange line because of a power outage at the Vienna station.  Of course I picked a car in which the air wasn't operating properly.  It was hot as fuck!  See how everybody was holding on to the overhead hand rails with their armpits exposed.  It smelled like sauteed onions, wet newspaper, stale coffee, sweaty ass, chia pets, hot mulch, Axe body spray,  and old milk all blended up together.  I literally had to hold my nose the whole 22 minute ride home.  I felt like going into my bag and passing out baby wipes so mother-fuckers could get to wipin' on that ass.  It was rancid!  And is that former child star Kim Fields right in the middle of the picture?  Girl don't act like you don't know

Also while on the train I encountered this!  Look at that white boy's cakes.  Where the hell did he get all of that ass.  Those must be Apple Bottom jeans giving him all of those contours?  Get into the arch in his back!  I was losing it!  Remember when white people didn't have any asses at all?  Now I'm seeing it more often that they are stacked like shit.  I account it to all the steroids and foreign objects in our foods these days, well that and also more white people are being fucked by black men.  What did DMX say...Since I gave you that (what) your ass has gotten fatter.  That shit would make anything grow, its' like fertilizer...


"It's My Party, They Can Fight If They Want To..."

So Saturday was my dear brother's Birthday party.  We celebrated at his uncle's amazing restaurant Peacock Grand.  The space which is normally just open for dinner, was turned into a club equipped with a d.j. and flowing cocktails.

Creative Recreation and ALIFE topped our shoe selection for the night.  I'm so glad my brother Borzou is wearing high tops now.  He was a little leery about it at first, now he's all over it. 

That's Borzou's cousin above in the all white.  He is so over, I always get life from him.  He is always dancing around to music that I don't hear.  It's like someone implanted a "Now That's What I Call Music edition 3,567" cd chip in his head and put it on repeat.  

Okay, so the party got shut down at around 1:15 am because of a fight.  I don't want anyone saying that us blacks are the only rowdy  My brother was devastated.  There was still a good two hours off ass shaking left?  The party goers spilled out onto K street where there are a many a place to get your drunk dance on.  Lima, K Street, Tattoo, Park Place, and Shadow Room all got Borzou party left-overs.  

Tamika, Norman, and I decided to take the party to Southeast.  Tamika's friend was throwing a party at Pacific Lounge on Pennsylvania Avenue.  The party was cute.  They played 80's and 90's music and showed the accompanying videos.  It brought back memories.  Actually, I realized that we were dressed just like New Edition in the 'Cool it Now' video.  You know that queen Johnny Gill begged the set stylist for the skinny jean so she could show of her contours.  I wonder if she knew Eddie then?  

There were lots of guys with dreads, people wearing dunks, and "Erykah Badu" types there.  I could have sworn I saw India Arie there.  I was about to ask her when she was going to drop another cd.  Umm..I am not my hair!

So after the lounge, I was hungry as shit. It was about 3:15, and I couldn't see going to 'The Diner' in Adam's Morgan.  I just couldn't stomach seeing that many drunken people in such a small square footage.  We decided to go to the little Chinese food spot in Chinatown.  They are open until like always?  They are over, because they sell alcohol well over the legal time to stop.  Sometimes it smells like pepto bismal and roach spray, but the fried rice is good as hell.  

There was the most over tall dreaded jersy wearing "lookin boy" sitting right next to me.  How dare he not ask me to marry him? 


"Where Dem Dollaz At...?"

I was searching the web last night and came across this picture on  This bamma ass stripper from the ATL had the nerve to get paw prints on his stomach. He looks Eve's broke gay cousin.   Don't the paw prints look like they're leading to a bullet hole?  Do you see that?  Not those paw prints...I have a headache!


Anonymous said...

u r hilarious. thx for stopping by my spot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on the blog. Take good care of your heart (and your headache). Glad I discovered your blog.

Joey Bahamas said... actually miss reading your blog. You have me kiiing down on this godforsaken rock. I've sufficiently caught up...luvvvv!


Chet said...

Whats good man/ I wnat to thank you for stopping by my blog. hey it apppears your weekend was entertaining to say the least, party and clubbing.

The train ride on Friday had to be from hell; I take public transportation a few times a week to and from work so i know what you must have gone through, people are rude as hell and some smell really strange.

The brotha with the dreads is OVA!

Mr. Fabulous said...


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