Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Hate When They Make Me Read...!

Why is this gentleman reading so violently? Get into his tightly
pursed lip and stern browline, looking like James Evans in Brooks
Brothers. Has reading a book ever made u that angry? When he sat
down, he viciously opened the book to the page and slammed the book
mark down beside him. First of all, any brother who uses bookmarks
shouldn't be so mad. Secondly, isn't reading fundamental? That
little queen from Reading Rainbow would be ever so upset. Perhaps the
book is about slavery, and his white boss demoted him to housekeeping
from being a contributing partner? Or maybe he's reading Tori
Spelling's new "tell all"? That would make any joyous man enraged.
Whatever it is, he's mad and I don't want none...

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