Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Trainwreck! Mr. Rap Supreme?....and Patti-Cake, Patti-Cake...

What the hell makes you think I wanna listen to your black ass loudly recite Lil' Wayne my whole train ride home?  No doubt the cd is fire, but shit, it's nearly 10 p.m. and I'm exhausted.  I don't want to hear your ass rapping.   You know what...neither does the white woman sitting in front of you trying to read her romance novel.  I honestly love "my people", but sometimes they try it. Negro you ain't signed, looking like a fake ass Memphis Bleek.  Take your dumb ass to karaoke or something, at least there it's acceptable.  What's wrong with our youth today?  My girl Oprah should build one of her schools here in D.C. for ignorant ass teens who don't know how to act in public.  It should be very boot camp like, and they should make them wear pants that actually sit on their waist and not under their ass cheeks!  The words "youngin" and "shorty" would not be permitted, and the only channels on the televisions would be CNN, History Channel, and BBC. I don't think i was this outraged a couple of years ago--hello 30!


Oooh, Patti looks crazy...Why the hell was she pictured wearing this at the Essence Festival this past weekend?  She looks like a deranged murderer who only kills in chiffon.  I don't ever want her legs to be glossed down like that, and then she has the nerve to have on a chunky-heeled Loubi!  You gotta love Patti, she's such a drag queen!  

picture:  YBF

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theoriginalblowersdaugtr said...

Oh how I hear you. And you know the Green Line is the worst. If not for my fear of getting a cap in my ass, I would straighten out some of those kids with a quickness.