Thursday, July 10, 2008

Crush Of The Week: Jay-Z, and Louis Vuitton Promo?

Born Shawn Corey Carter, 39 year old Jay-Z has really come into his own.  This dude is worth hundreds of millions, and is still on his grind.  He snagged the "hottest chick in the game", and even though Lil' Wayne is doing it right now Jay is still the King.  He has sold over 26 million units in the U.S., and more than 50 million worldwide.  Wow!  We also hear from many a video ho that Jigga-man is also very nice down below...if you know what I mean?  Check out Mr. Carter this month in Italian Vogue where he has a spread.  You know, he's the perfect man?  You can dress him up in a tuxedo and take him to the opera, but don't get him twisted, he will still lay a cap in that ass.


Right..So Louis Vuitton will start to air a series of commercials in major markets very soon.  It's one of those dumb ass concept commercials where you don't even see any product.  There are LV trunks in the middle of the damn desert and some white man is talking about how life is a journey.  What the fuck?  Doesn't LV get enough promotion on street corners all across America.  Kanye West definitely helps as well, by slipping those two initials in every other line of his songs.  Damn, I guess the economy is bad when a powerhouse luxury name who is so adamant about branding goes and makes a commercial?  Right smack dab in between Orbitz gum and Tampax?  What's next Birkin bags on QVC?  Tacky I say...just tacky!

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