Friday, August 15, 2008

Tony Who...?

Right now I’m gonna change the classic beginning to many jokes from, “So three guys walk into a bar” to “So the other night I went to see Tony Terry”.  I think it’s classic, don’t you?  So the other night I really did go see Tony Terry.  He was performing at Blues Alley in Georgetown and my gay fashion mother invited Norman and I to go.  You know the girls lived for Tony Terry back in the day.  He could sing, and always punished the people with an over vest, with no shirt underneath.  How bad could it be?  Actually it was alright.  He did some of his new stuff (which I have no idea where they play that at), and of course he did ‘Everlasting Love’ and the other hit that I always forget.  Shortly after he told us that his wife was sick and that she hadn’t been giving him any, and that he was “horny”—he did a gospel set (shrugs).   The show was good, but the only thing that made me uncomfortable was that him and all of his back-up singers wore all white.  The guy on the keyboard took it even further by wrapping his head with white fabric and wore a really bad pointy boot/shoe with contrasting lace-up detailing—It mad me sad. 

My girl Monica rocking my glasses at 18th St. Lounge...

After the show we decided to go to the new club Current.  We went and it was tired.  We went to Fly and it was more tired.  Then we went to 18th Street Lounge, it was cute.  They had live reggae bands and the bomb Patron margaritas.  Patron is the reason why I didn’t post yesterday.  I was drunk for a good 24 hours.  Patron will knock you on your ass.  You don’t notice how drunk you are until it’s 4 a.m., and you’re making yourself throw up.  Not cute I say!  Patron is evil and is made from the devil’s semen.  I’m alive and kicking now.  Have a great weekend! 

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