Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Trainwrecked: Looks Like A Pump, Feels Like A Sneaker...

I'm so tired of sensible commuter bad work pumps in this city! They
are not SUPPOSED to be comfortable. The only thing that kept me from
approaching her, was the hope that she had better shoes to change into
once at work--probably not, but let me have that at least.
You know, good on my mother for being 65 and not wearing anything less
than a 4 inch heel. That's why there is no excuse for these tired 20
and 30 somethings to complain that they hurt. I get so much life from
when my sisters tell me that when they all turned 16, my mother told
them that it was time for them to learn to walk in heels. As a child,
I didn't know why I was so excited to see Sunday come. Now I know,
every Sunday all of the Jones women served in an over pump. It was
also my mother's duty as first lady of the church to slay the
deaconess board with fashions.
So ladies, help me out here and try to do better. Im not saying you
all have to be faggies like my mother and sisters, but try to find a
middle ground. My heart just can't take another bad shoe. I swear
I'm gonna start confiscating them...


Joey Bahamas said...

Really...I couldn't agree with you more. If I was a girl, I'd always be up in a pump, or an ovah boot.

I hate when the girls where sneakers with their business suites to walk about during the day as well. Beauty is shade!


MP said...

I hate those stupid pumps in that picture. I hate bad shoes and people should all look down right now and if they see bad shoes on their feet they should go ahead and kill themselves!


Mr. Jones said...


This post is funny.