Friday, August 22, 2008

Trainwreck: When Becky Met Jamaul...

This picture was taken yesterday on the orange line to Vienna. Becky
was a little apprehensive at first when she saw a big ol black man
headed her way to take the seat beside her. After he sat down she
realized that it wasn't so bad, in fact he was kinda cute. They
chatted about the olympics as he scanned the front page of the paper.
There were awkward pauses, and even more awkward stares. Finally,
Becky reached her destination. She told him to have a great day as
she tucked a stray blonde lock of hair behind her ear. Jamaul gave
her the "brother man" head nod and said, "You as well...". There was
no exchange of email or contact information, but one thing I do know
is that Becky replayed the whole "black Mandingo fantasy" over and
over in her head all day at work. Sitting beside the black man wasnt
so bad at all... Her mother would be so pissed if she married Jamaul,
she thought, but she never said anything about a good "ramming"!