Thursday, August 21, 2008

Big Willie, Rope Burn, and J. Hog...

Oooh Ladies, Will Demps has nothing to do with anything today, he is just fine as hell.  I thought I'd post a pic to make your "lady lumps" jump at

...Speaking of "lady lumps", have we heard about Janet's new lingerie line?  It should be hitting stores right around the time of her World Tour.  Reps say that it's made from some of the best silks in the world.  Hell, trade don't give a fuck about the "best fabrics in the world".  All they want to do is rip those mother-fuckers off and give you the business.  If she, I mean he is worried about the silk, maybe you should reconsider your relationship and just become good good girlfriends.  Let me find out you all are in the bedroom feeling all sexy, the candles are lit, and Keith Sweat is whining on the radio and the trade looks at you and says, "Hey baby, where is that silk from?"  I would lose it!  I wouldn't want any.  It would be a "self-love" night...OKAY!

Jennifer Hudson was pictured at the 2000th episode of 106 and Park yesterday.  She performed "Spotlight", and sounded amazing.  I'm just wishing she looked as amazing as she sounded.  Her stylist should be stoned in the middle of Times Square.  This dress isn't flattering at all.  She looks 7 months preggers with that belt riding her belly.  I'm not talking about her because she is a "big girl", I'm just saying there are things you wear when you are that size--we have talked about this before.  My skinny ass can't wear certain things because it doesn't look right on me, that's all I'm getting at.  Let me stop before Monique hunts me down and eats me or something.


If Only You Knew said...

LOL @ self-love night.

Joey Bahamas said...

LOL @ the trade getting into your fabrics. PS: I saw the most ovah piece at lunch. Why couldn't he be on the menu....*sigh*

And, you're right about J Hud. These girls will let anyone old queen convince them they're a stylist. Gay doesn't equal ovah, it just equals a greater potential to be ovah. And isn't she a far cry from her CD cover, like 100lbs of far shade! Luv!!!


thegayte-keeper said...

Will is cute as hell...Janet should do well she is sex so...J. Hud well she has hits and misses so let's put this one in the misses category...;)