Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Celebrity Sighting, Biff and Buffy, and My Boyfriend of the Day...

What in the Disney Channel, pose half-way nude in a W photo-shoot with your country singer father, millionaire teenage girl Miley Cyrus shit is going on here?  I kept screaming, "Miley", but she didn't respond.  Im sure it was her, aren't you?


Look at Biff and Buffy.  They are so happy in their little sweater vest and khakis.  Due to a little 5 syllable word called "gentrification", Biff and Buffy can roam the once mean streets of Washington, D.C. freely. Biff just made partner.  Buffy quit her job at her non-profit to decorate their new 3 bedroom loft on 14th St.  The last piece to complete their perfect life puzzle would be a baby.  Every time Buffy's mother comes to visit from Connecticut she asks when will she hear the pitter-patter of little feet around.  

Who has the heart to tell Buffy's mom that Biff likes chicks with dicks?  Any takers?  No one...?  It seems that Buffy hired a private investigator and Biff wasn't really working overtime on cases at the office.  He was on K. Street, just a little further down shopping for black trannies.  For now Buffy will just suck it up and make a big 'ol jug of lemonade out of the lemons life has given her.  Besides, she likes her "perfect" life...


Sorry Jason Taylor, I know it's kinda greasy to work my way around the team, but hey...?  Shawn Springs is definitely my new boyfriend.  It seems that the Redskins are off to a good start.  Look at Shawn, he looks like somebody hit him in the face with a block of fudge--just as chocolately!  And I sure as hell am not John Meyer, but his body is a wonderland!  Get in!  Call me boy!

Is that bitch in the background looking at my man?  If she knows the Lord, she might not wanna play with my man!  


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...


and biche in background

Acoustic Soul said...

Boy you kill me. You had a full on story about Biff and Buffy & them sweater vest. Do you think they planned that?

Chet said...

Share and share alike.

Q said...

Acoustic, I hope they didn't plan it. if so that's a show!