Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up...

Right, So Friday I had the absolute worst day at work.  I literally wanted to jump off of something--nothing too high though.  Everyone and everything worked my goddamn nerves.  I needed a cocktail and a bite, so I went to Ruth Chris.  Jonathan and Abena were there.  Abena was wearing turquoise embellished boots and a wide hip slung belt with a skinny jean.  I actually don't believe she was wearing a top, at least if she was i didn't see it.  We ate dinner and moved to the bar for more cocktails.  Abena is a "pot stirrer" and wanted to go to Ozio, but i fleeced.  
Saturday at work was so-so.  Afterwork i decided to grab a bite.  I had a taste for Thai.  I went to Thai Tanic and sat at the bar.  Sitting right beside me was a tall brown skinned dreaded piece.  He pulled out my bar stool for me, and told me that i looked nice as a true gentleman should.  His name was Patrick, he was from San Fran, and he was here for a conference.  We chatted--yada yada yada, woo woo woo.  I just couldn't see giving him my number, so i fleeced.  I don't want a cross-country love.  
Skip to yesterday when I conjured Joey for a meal.  He chose Utopia on U st.  The food was amazing.  They have a seafood bisque that punished me!  It was over!  My cunt Lucy came to meet looking like a poster child for Burberry.  Her quote of the night had to be, "Right, I always give the girls Burberry, but the tea is that my pieces are always contoured!".  Joey got life from her, and said that she was spitting more gay lingo than any gay man he had ever come into contact with.  
After dinner, Joey and I fleeced to Lizard Lounge at Lima.  It was dead boot.  We walked across the street to Lotus for the new "boys" party.  I knew it was going to be a problem because as soon as we walked in, there was a striper in a cage.  Also the "special guest" for the night was a porn star named "Cornbread".  Cornbread gave you body all day long, but I'm thinking he was a big 'ol bottom.  All of the girls were there twirling, including Dwayne--he is over!  After that we went to check out the people at Park.  It was cute, there was trade boot.  One thought I was the cunt and tried to grab my ass, Joey got life!  Last night was also my girl Laura's b-day.  She dropped a bomb on me last night and told me that her long time boyfriend Gilbert Arenas finally proposed to her.  The ring between you and me was a million dollars!  It is over!  Congrats girl!

You get to wake up next to that fine ass thing every morning...Oooh Gil.

Have a great day, see you guys tomorrow...

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