Monday, September 08, 2008

Commissary Opens in Logan Circle, and Monday Wake-Up Random Shit...

Ok, so you guys know I'm pressed right?  Commissary formerly known as Merkado opened this morning at 8 a.m.  The old girl was here eating breakfast by 8:45, I'm so over.  For as little as my ass is, I'm the greediest mother-fucker going.  Any new place where I can grub, I'm there, especially if it's good.  So I had eggs, bacon, fries, and toast.  It was good.  It's kinda hard to fuck up breakfast food, but I have had it done before.  I can't wait to come back later to try the fried calamari, grilled salmon with sauteed snow peas, and maybe one of their pizzas.  Everyone is nice, and it's in Logan so it's all run by queens.  They got into my fashions--i live!  Oh, I'm also soaking up their free wi-fi, get into that.  For location, and a view of their complete menu visit  


Isn't this so over!  I live for Fred Phelps and his gay hating church.  I swear I got so much life when members of the church were on Tyra Banks and they called her a "fag enabler".  She lost it because you know she's a drag queen herself, and her whole existence was built by faggies.  She kicked them off her show and told them that they were ignorant.  Yes they are ignorant, but you'll have to admit that they are truly the rulers.  Anyone that is so passionate about one particular cause fascinates me, because I haven't been passionate about anything since Tom Ford left Gucci.  I just need to know if anyone has an address for me to send money to their church, because I live!   I wanna to throw a ball and raise money and send it to them...THE FAG ENABLERS BALL!


Joey Bahamas said...

Me and SB saw the Commissary Sunday afternoon...we ended up at Logan circle for brunch and it wasn't very good. In any event, I thought that was you I saw walking down jeans, black shoes, brown scarf and what looked like a Marc Jacobs bag. I wanted to shout ur name but u were on the phone and I was rushing to work!

Didn't you just sob a little when Ford left Gucci...I know I did!


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dang how is the food is the question