Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fried, Dyed, and Layed To The Side, Train-Wrecked, and Break-Ups Aren't Easy...

Oh My!  Now is this ovah or what?  Not those hot tools in the club bathroom?  I actually hope most clubs install these in all women's bathrooms.  Now there is absolutely no excuse for girls to look crazy after they sweat out their hair.  What the shade would really be is, if there was a full working salon in the bathroom, and the cunt came out with a make-over.  I would get life if my girl emerged from the restroom with layers to frame her face and highlights.  So this means that the men's restroom needs a barber in there to tighten up their shape-up, or if you're from B-more you could get a "beijing"?   I live! 


I don't know if ya'll see it, or maybe I'm just trippin'?  Is that Shirley from 'What's Happening'?  If it's not her, she is definitely conjuring her likeness.  Wasn't it ovah that Shirley was a big 'ol militant butch dyke on that show.  I bet she got her man (well women) in her day.  She was probably pulling bitches like WHAT!  I would have perhaps had Shirley for her coin?  I would have combed out her afro for filth!


O.K., so I'm over Larry Johnson and I'm on to T.I.  I mean, he does have a new c.d. coming out on Sept. 30 called 'Paper Trail'.  Also if any of you have not gotten into "Swagger Like Us" from the album feat. Ms. Kanyeshia, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne, you must immediately.  It's fiyah, and so is my husband of the day T.I.  I just have to find a way to get rid of that girl of his.  She's like a roach, she just won't die.  Text me Boy!

Ooooh, Can I really have whatever I like?

Boy, stop being crazy!  Let me buy your guns next time.  I'm gonna hook you up, I'm talking automatics, semi automatics, rifles, silencers, night sticks, night vision.  Do you need some hand grenades, cause I can get you some?

If he beat me, I would think about staying...(Im kidding...)


Acoustic Soul said...

This is tooo funny!

Did you just say layers and highlights. All this is done while they either puking or peeing!
Okay, for those of us who do not live in B-More, what is a Beijing?
U do know Shirley did a few years back, right? Maybe that her sister. Yes, you are right, Shirley was a big ole butch dyke and I'm sure she had all her women lined up after taping.
Do you need some hand grenades, cause I can get you some?
You are too much

Q said...

Acoustic, a beijing is where they spray on your shape-up with dye. Most of the time there is like an inch of dye before the actual shape-up starts. I dont want none...