Friday, October 24, 2008

B.E.T., G-A-Y, N.Y.C....

The 2008 BET Hip Hop Awards aired last night.  Surprisingly, I thought they were pretty good.  The only thing that bunched my panties was the over kill of Obama talk.  By all means please do a segment urging young voters to vote, but last night it was just torture.  The whole show was "Barrack the Vote".  Did Obama (Oprah) pay for the production of the show?  Young Jeezy even had the nerve to perform a song from his new CD while showing Obama pictures on the monitors in the background.  I'm not done yet.  Jeezy also had "Black Panther-esque" looking dancers come out thrusting their fist in the air and chanting, "vote Black".  There is no need to scare white people now.  If I were white and considering giving Obama my vote, that would maybe sway my decision.  Black Panthers saying "vote black".  That's like skin-heads performing on the MTV awards with Good Charlotte chanting "Vote White".  I would get life though.  I just feel that this is a very crucial time.  We don't need to push any votes to the other side by acting ignorant.  It's not about "voting black", it's about who is the best candidate for the position (steps off the soap box).  NEXT!

I thought T-Pain did a pretty good job of hosting the awards last night.  He was a last minute stand in for Katt Williams.  Lord knows why Katt couldn't perform his duties as host, maybe his perm wasn't ready or something?  Anyways, despite looking like The Riddler on prescription medication T-Pain did a great job.  He was witty and likable the whole show.   

Ummm, Mr. Cool J, so you can come to the BET Awards, but you can't fulfill your tour duties.  Oh Hell Naw!  He owes me a performance, preferably a private one in the nude, but a performance none the less.  

Two of my baby daddies, T.I. and Ludacris opened the show last night.  This was major with their on-going beef from last years BET Awards.  It was a good thing to see two rap giants bury the hatchet and give a good performance.  


The day has come.  Today the Noah's Arc movie, "Jumping the Broom" opens.  Go support our black gay films, even though I'm sure the movie will be a conjure.  You guys have to admit, the show was pretty lame.  Besides staring at Wade's body and a couple of Alex's cute tag phrases the show was bad.  The acting is mediocre, and the plot lines were predictable.  I only watched because I related in many ways.  We really had never seen black gay characters on a major network before.  Whatever, we will see.  

Have a great weekend peeps.  I leave for New York on Saturday morning, I will return on Tuesday.  Check the blog throughout the weekend for pics from N.Y.  Dueces!


Joey Bahamas said...

I know I said this a week ago...but have fun in NYC. I want pics, updates, restaurant reviews, club reviews...the works! Luv!!!


deonte' k said...

I saw the Noah's Arc Movie an it was cool.... and I totally agree with ur comment about it's not a black or white thing when it comes to voting. Hope u had a fun trip.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Kudos to you, Q, for having the insight to see that what we as black people are doing is making Obama seem like it's about a black vote vs. change. If I weren't black I would def. feel some type of way after listening to gansta rappers talk about how "we" need this black man in the white house.

I also saw the 2nd half of the Noah's Arc movie and was very pleased with it. I know that there were budget issues but my boi Patrik did his thing from what they allowed him. All and all, I think the movie was a step above the show.

You actually missed a few cute outings this weekend. See my blog to get ya update at

I'll be looking forward to your NY posting.


Howard C.

DCMF Magazine