Thursday, October 30, 2008

The New York Tea...

Hey guys, it's been a while.  As you know I've been in NYC.  The trip was amazing, I didn't want to come back.  Normie and I left for the city at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning.  We arrived in NY and walked around midtown for a bit.  The weather was surprisingly warm and I was layered down.  My old roomie from when I lived in New York Colleen arranged an over brunch for our arrival.  The place was called Cluny (284 W. 12th St. 212.255.6900).  The food was amazing.  I'm a breakfast person, so it really tickled my fancy.  That's Colleen and her friend Robert.

After brunch we did some shopping.  We swept through Soho and the west village.  Patricia Field's is definitely always a top when I visit the city.  There is us outside the new store on Bowery, aren't my leg-warmers over?  I picked up a sweatshirt, that's all.  Mama is trying not to spend money--I'm broke as hell.  

So Saturday night I had plans to stay with my friend Migdalia in upstate.  Normie went to visit family in  the B.K.   I had to take the train from Grand Central.  I had no clue the train ride was an hour and a half.  That train ride was a conjure.  My train left at 6:50, and I didn't make it to my destination until something to 9.  My hats off to Migdalia, she does that commute everyday into the city.   

The train ride was all well worth it.  Migdalia and her fiance William cooked a nice dinner, and I got to hang out with my nephew Jaden.  He is so adorable.  He got me to start thinking about the question of kids.  Definitely not right now, but I'm going on record to say that I would love to have children (wait children is plural--a child).  I better hurry up before my ovaries shrink up.
So Sunday morning Migdalia, her mother, and myself went wedding dress shopping.  She is getting married in the Dominican Republic on Memorial Day weekend.  There was dress drama this week, but she needed a "gay to the rescue".  Everything is fine now.  She selected a dress, and she looks gorgeous in it.   It should be here towards the beginning of December, and I'm going to N.Y. to be there for alterations.  It just never hurts to have a faggy nearby for things like that, right?
After the wedding dress shopping, I headed back into the city to move into the first hotel.  We hotel hopped.  

We were on the 40th floor.  This was the view from our window.  The view was so fierce, I wanted to jump just to take it all in.  Isn't that over to jump to take in a view?  

Normie came from B.K. and we settled into the hotel.  My niece Brandon lives in New York now.  He is a model.  He came over to meet us, and to go out for a bit.  

Why is she smiling with her eyes?  Oooop!
So that night we went to grab a quick bite at the Viceroy in Chelsea.  The food normally always slays, but my crabcake tasted like a brillo pad.  I sent it back twice.  Everyone else's food was cute though.  
After our bite we walked over to G Lounge.  It was a cute crowd.  After we went to Park way on the west side.  There was a vicious line, and I couldn't see not skipping it.  I made it in, saw someone from D.C. (sorry Jonathan), and hit it after 10 minutes.  Then we went to The Cock, Urge, The Boiler Room, and some private birthday party with bad drag queens.  Norman said that one of them looked like a prettier Kathy Griffin.  
After the club conjure, we went to one of my favorite diners, Lyric on 23rd and 3rd.  We ate boot, and hit it home.  
The next morning we got up and checked into my hotel for work, Dream NY  The hotel was cute--very boutiquey.  I didn't have work until 6:45 (a networking dinner), so we had the better part of the day to shop--mostly window shop, but shop.  We saw Treach from Naughty by Nature walking down Broadway looking very angry for some reason.  He had like 18 bandanas tied to random places all over his body.  He is the over angry aggressive jailhouse "where are they now" rapper trade piece.  I get life and die.
My dinner was great.  It was at Amalia.  I had Salmon, it was cooked and seasoned to perfection.  After my work dinner, we decided to go see Noah's Arc.  We hit it over to Chelsea and caught a 10:45.  The theatre was full of N.Y. queens.  It was over.  They were flailing and going off at the screen, I got life.  The movie was o.k.  The costumer/stylist should be shot though.  Why did they make Noah look so crazy?  More on that later.
After the movie, we hit it back to the hotel to get some rest, I had an early start on Tuesday morning.  
I had work for the better part of the day on Tuesday.  I toured the Gucci showroom, and we talked about Spring/Summer.  I communicated with my buyers on what my clients asked for/needed or wanted to see more of.  Hopefully that helps.  

After the meetings, I went over to the Meatpacking district.  The name has always attracted me for some  I checked out Louboutin on Horatio street for my over sister, and conjured in Jeffrey and Stella McCartney.  I grabbed a bite at a little pub across from the Soho House, and made plans to start heading home.  

The trip was amazing.  I miss N.Y. so much.  Hopefully, I will be back sometime soon.  You guys will get the tea on that later.  
Fast forward to last night when I had a date with the cop piece.  We went to Coco Sala for drinks, and saw Noah's Arc.  I acted like I was surprised, cause I promised him that I would see it with him.  This is the first really good date I've had in a while.  He is so easy going and mild mannered.  He opens the door like a gentleman should, and couldn't see me reaching for my purse ever to pay.  There is only one thing--never mind I'm not gonna say...
Okay I will, just don't tell anyone.  He has bad shoes.  I can change that though.  In my early 20's that would have been a deal breaker.  I wouldn't have called him back.  Chile now you gotta take what you can get and work with it, especially if they are nice and don't beat  
Anyways, I will give you guys the updates as usual.  Check me out tomorrow.  I have a new crush, and this time I think it's true love.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

as usual BALL - N

Anonymous said...

You should have told the people how you fleeced on me.

Sapphire Blu said...
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Sapphire Blu said...

OMG!! you always have me dying laughing and i totally agree with shoes being a deal breaker AND taking what you get as long as he doesn't beat you: damn are we that hard up these days?

welcome back! i missed ya!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Hey Q Babes...sounds like you had a blast. LOL at your description of Treach...LMFAO.

Obviously the NY screening of NA: Jumping the Broom must have been packed. The NY theater beat out the big names. Kudos to the kids in NY for showing their support. LOL at the sylist being shot, I didn't get the concept for Noah either.

Finally, lets address 2 things the cop trade and childern. When I interviewed you almost nine months ago, you wanted to be married within the next five years. Could this be a potential? Also, I likes how you moved from a "couple" of childern to a child...LOL I couldn't see you with anyhing less than a COUPLE of Mylasian chillins. See you always gotta watch what you say in an interview...may always come back...LOL Your readers can see your interview @


Howard C.

DCMF Magazine

Troy N. said...

isn't always about new york...

Joey Bahamas said...

Q in NYC...ovah!

1. Are those brown wing tipped boots? Sooooo ovah!

2. That lil boy is soooo cute. I want A kid myself. My lil nephew is my inspiration.

3. Gorgeous view and gorgeous niece. That dimple in his chin is serving!

4. You belong in NYC!

I'm glad you had a good trip! Mwah!

Joey B.

theoriginalblowersdaugtr said...

awwww....I'm happy for you : ) hope it works out!

Promiscuous X said...

Dam pimpn you had a good ass time I see. Yeah the G Lounge is kewl but it be too many white dudes. It took me one time then I was like never again lol and all the black dudes wanted the white boys LMAO...

LMAO @ Treach and Died lol

You got as you would say "LIFE" all over NYC lol

You shoulda hit me up I woulda chilled with you man.

Happy Halloween and be safe. Im pretty sure I'll see some outrageous pics from your weekend lol

and im ghost

Anonymous said...

So did your date appear to be a straight brother... or is his tea slightly sweetened??? Just curious!