Friday, October 31, 2008

OBAMA, and Wicked Major...

Why is Obama slaying in this picture, lookin' like Mr. Jay from ANTM is directing him from the side.  


Ring the Mother-fucking alarm!  I have a new husband thanks to my friend Howard Cromwell of DC's Most Fabulous Magazine.  Even though he doesn't play pro, I think I'm fine with that.  I'd have to cut back and curve my spending, but all I need is his  

 Howard had mentioned that he was with some basketball players from the show 'Shirts and Skins' via text message on Saturday.  I thought 'Shirts and Skins' was some online porn that I was missing out on, it's actually a show on LOGO.  Boy was I missing out.  Meet Demarco Majors.

The show follows a gay basketball team called the Rockdogs.  Who even knew there was something called the NGBA (National Gay Basketball Association), and why am I not a water girl?  
At 5' 11" 190 pounds, Demarco Majors slays.  He can palm my basketball any day.  

My husband was also one of the boys in that lady Beyonce's 'Freakum Dress' video.  Somebody better tell that cunt to stay away from my man, she already has Jay is that not enough?  

Okay, so I'm thinking Fall '09 wedding--actually the way he's filling out those boxer briefs, let's make it Spring.  something really small and quaint.  Just 50 of our closest family and friends in Hawaii.    I know who won't be there though.  One FRIEND in particular who know about Demarco and didn't tell me.  I have too much class *coughs (Norman)* to even mention who it is *coughs again (Bowler)*.  I don't know why people be hatin' on our love.  Quincy Majors--It'd take some getting used to, but I like it.

Oh shit, Happy Halloween.


Anonymous said...

Well, you just keep my name out of your blog Quincy Majors.
Look at all my daggers...

Joey Bahamas said...

I heard about shirts and skins a few weeks ago, and I saw Majors at Eye Bar. There's another dude on that show though, I think his name is Marcus maybe. Gorgeous chocolate drop of a man....lawd, let me stop!

...and leave Normie alone!


Promiscuous X said...

Dam he secy lol LMAO

HAPPy Halloween

jerzey_reality said...

lmao...a mess..thanx for a laugh while writing this paper...I blame ADD for having me checkin blogs instead of writing...oh well lol

Acoustic Soul said...

Quincy Majors, huh? You probably should keep your own name. U know how you do. LOL!

That Dude Right There said...

I think this cousing Jay (the one he doesn't speak to) is cute too. Let me know what happens at the family reunion.

Mr. Fabulous said...
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Mr. Fabulous said...

Hey Quincy...Fret not, you'll meet DeMarco at my 30th Bday celebration tomorrow. He, along with Jenson Atwood and Miss Isis Tsunami from ANTM, will be up in the house.

That dude right there: He and Jay are actually very cool now. Jay is now the coach of the Rock Dogs.

I played the gay ambassador to DC all weekend for the fellas/cast. They got so much life. See the most ovah photos in our Seen on the Scene section.


Howard Cromwell

DCMF Magazine