Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy B-Day Howard, and Shut Up and Drive...

So last night was the birthday party of DC's own Mr. Howard Cromwell.  This picture is not from last night, but from Howard's 27th birthday party.  I thought that I'd post a more "youthful" image of you  You're 30 now, so welcome the old old jokes.

  The party was housed at BeBar and definitely was even more than I expected.  I arrived to a packed venue with great energy and no drama.  All a girl ever wants to do is get a drink and have a two step... 

Not only was I there (lol), other "celebrities" came through to party it up for Mr. Cromwell's B-Day as well.  Isis from ANTM came through to show the girls grace.

The one and only Jensen Atwood also stopped through to party and do a little promo.  He was very cool, and had such a nice and warm demeanor.  Some of the girls got a little too excited to see Jensen though.  Come on, get it together queens, some of y'all were acting like he was gonna snatch one of you up and make you his Noah.  I couldn't ever see pushing my way through  a crowd to get to any man...well? 

This is Howard getting life from my bejeweled tennis shoe.  I wanted to wear metallics for him, because he shines like a star.  

That's my sister, she gives face.  

Again Howard, Happy Birthday!  Lord knows how you party night after night and stay looking fresh and vibrant.  Thank goodness you make a living out of partying now, I couldn't see you doing anything else.  Love!


Vrooooom, vrooom!  So Congratulations are due to one of my ex-husbands Lewis Hamilton.  The other day, he became the world's youngest Formula One champion.  My alimony checks should increase now.

There is Lewis walking with Pharellisha.  They kinda look like they're talking about sweaty butt sex or something.  

Pharell to Lewis:  "Hey N*gga, you tryna stick your tongue in my butt?  

Lewis To Pharell:  Umm, I guess?  I've never done that before.  You just can't tell anybody o.k., I'm kinda dating Nicole Scherzinger.

Pharell to Lewis:  No doubt Son, you tryna do that now?

Lewis to Pharell:  Yeah, can we get facials first though?

You can't censor fantasies!

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Anonymous said...

Don't Lewis Hamilton look like Horace from out Neimans @ Tysons Corner? Natile, don't he look like Horace?

Promiscuous X said...

Wow I wasnt invited lol

Dam I sure would have loved to have seen Jensen Atwood lol

Acoustic Soul said...

I'm mad at the conversation between Pharell and Lewis. He might want to hold off on the facial. He could get one from Pharell if he play his cards right!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Q baby...the party was absolutely bananas. Thanks to Jenson Atwood, Miss Isis, Paul Wharton and many ohters for falling through to grace a dude on his 30th. the worked. I'm still getting life and it's 3 days lata. And FYI I still look as fab as I did when I turned 27...EAT YA HEART OUT Joan plastic needed here...LOL. Qunicy, thanks for falling through and thanks for dinner, drinks and desert the following day. Our crew is gonna take DC by storm in 09. The folks betta be ready....I'm 30 BITCH!!!!

Howard Cromwell

DCMF Magazine

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